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The Sun Parade

A Dream

Last night (or this morning, rather) I was awoken from my sleep by a crazy dream. It’s not that dreams are usually sane, it’s just that this dream was a little more strange than normal.

First of all, I was back in college, which wouldn’t be completely unthinkable, but in a dorm room…I never stayed in a dorm….trying to decide what kind of sheets to put on the upper bunk where I was to sleep. If the first strange thing was that I was in a dorm, the second strange thing would be that without my wife I was fretting over thread counts and patterns.

The third and final strange thing about this dream was that a man walked into my room, presumably a professor, did something to the heater on the wall (adjusted the temperature, I suppose), and spoke to me as I was putting sheet on the bunk. Well, now that I think about it, every bit of that last sentence was strange. But anyway, he looked up at me and said:

“Anthony, I read your blog, but I need to let you know that there are a lot of people protesting your post on the sun parade.”

What? They are protesting? What post? I don’t remember ever writing a post about a parade, especially one celebrating the sun. So, I woke up, rolled over in bed, grabbed my phone, clicked on my WordPress app, and searched my post history. …Nothing.

Time to Google

What do I do if I can’t find something I need? Something that is supposed to be tucked away in my memory or stored in the files of some app? I Google it.

Come to find out, there are no sun parades, at least none that I can find. The only thing that came up on a Google search was a band out of Northampton, Massachusetts called The Sun Parade.

I guess it’s time to write about them. Time to start a protest.

“My Heart’s Out”

Why did I have a dream about a sun parade? Maybe it was because I needed to. Maybe it was because I need to expose this group for something horrible, like violent, bloody videos depicting a crazy vixen eating a guy’s heart. Who knows?

Well, when I Googled the parade and found the band, I logged onto their webpage and watched an interesting, well-produced music video. Would you believe it’s full of heart-cutting, heart-chasing, heart-eating drama? Yep, it does.

Seriously, The Sun Parade is a pretty cool sounding secular band with folk-rock sound and Beatle-esque harmonies. Let’s put it this way: their sound doesn’t hurt my hears. And being a pastor and all that, that alone might be protest-worthy, you think?

Here’s the thing, people will rip out your heart, step on it, cut it, break it, throw it away, and even – perish the thought – bite it…eeewww! People can be that way. But I’d rather have a heart that’s breakable than a cold heart, or no heart at all.

For the record, I gave my heart to Christ, and His life has made me new. It sure makes it easier to love those who take advantage of us when our “heart’s out.”


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