What Are You Expecting This Morning?

Sunday morning, that is.

By the time you read this, it could be any day of the week. But I am writing this on a Sunday morning. As a matter of fact, it’s not long before Sunday school will begin, followed by the morning worship service at our church.

So, my question to you is this: What are you expecting this morning?

Unfortunately, so many people, particularly Christians, are not expecting anything. Oh, they are expecting to do something, maybe go somewhere, or maybe they’re just expecting a late breakfast in bed. But when it comes to worshipping their God in a congregation of believers, most don’t expect anything – they just go.

Why is that? Why is going to church on the Lord’s Day something to be taken for granted? Even more, why is it something to be taken so lightly that washing one’s car or pancakes are more important?

One big reason, like I just mentioned, is that they/we, for the most part – if not always – never expect anything to happen that hasn’t already happened week after week, year after year. Nothing.

Yet, when we go to church – WHEN we go to church – there is the distinct possibility to witness a genuine miracle, one that can directly affect each of us on an individual level. I’m not referring to “miraculous” healings or “manifestations;” I’m talking about being spoken to by the holy God of the universe.

Oh, you can stay home and watch TV or play with your kids, and those things are OK in and of themselves, but what you are going to miss is nothing less miraculous than the breaking of the loaves and fishes to feed 5,000. And you think catching a wide mouth bass is better than that?

I would encourage you to rethink your priorities, dear Christian. The God who saved you from hell is offering to you a special opportunity which cannot be duplicated or recreated afterwards. He wants you and the rest of His children to experience this together as a family.

Please, accept the invitation your Father is sending out. Accept it and expect to hear from Him.

Otherwise, do not expect much from God by way of joy and fulfillment when what you choose to do replaces a personal offer from Heaven.


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11 responses to “What Are You Expecting This Morning?

  1. Stephen

    This week and borderline heretical. Threatening people to show up to your place of business using Gods’ name in vain reflects who you are and what business you’re about. I pray Jesus will loose all those you’ve put into bondage.
    You’ve got some serious mental issues.
    Between this and your last blog entry, it seems your psychosis is progressing.

    • Stephen, I’m really tired of your nonsense. You are about as satanically driven as any false prophet of ancient times. Your accusations are nothing but pure lies and your false righteousness is beyond the pale. I have tried to remain civil with you, but you need to be called out as the heretic. If I’m so out of line, show me with Scripture. Be a good Berean and use some good exegesis and point out how I am doing anything you accuse. Otherwise, put a sock in it.

      • Stephen

        A good Berean? You apparently don’t know your bible very well you washed up grifter.

      • Oh, and I noticed a distinct absence of scripture in your last comment. The Bereans, upon listening to Paul, searched the scriptures to see if what he said was true. I don’t ask, nor do I expect people to take my word as gospel. As a matter of fact, it’s not uncommon for me to field questions in church. You, on the other hand, are content with baseless ad hominem attacks. That’s why I can’t take you seriously. You won’t even engage in civil discourse. Essentially, you’re just trolling.

      • Stephen

        You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t take advice from religious grifters who can’t keep their children safe Anthony.
        You have no moral high ground and absolutely no authority over anybody. But your mental illness keeps you from seeing this truth.
        Only an absolute legalistic, religious zealot would believe that Gods’ grace, joy, fulfillment and blessings are bases on showing up Sunday mornings to a religious business.
        You don’t even know Jesus Christ yourself and yet you rob people of their hard earned money with your weapon of choice, the bible.
        You’re truly a disgusting human being Anthony.

      • Prove it. Prove you even know who Jesus is. You are so far off with your accusations it’s absolutely laughable. I don’t control anyone. Nobody. Heck, even with our church, I never touch or see the money. But you also have no understanding of what the assembling of Christians is. You just call it a “business.”

        And legalistic?? Ha! Do you even understand grace? I WAS legalistic, but God humbled me, then restored me. You are off on so many levels, it’s sad.

      • Stephen

        If you think your blog represents humility, it’ll take a miracle to heal you. But miracles still happen and God is merciful.
        And as for not touching or seeing the money, are you working on a barter system and don’t receive a pay cheque? And you’re trying to tell me you’re not privy to the yearly reports?
        I think it’s safe to say you do touch and see the money, some of it winds up in your bank account.
        If you want to grow your church, stop being an asshole and learn to love as Christ Loves. Let He who is appointed to judge make the judgement instead of trying to usurp His authority. This is why the NAR is gaining ground and your religion is dying. As much as I dislike the NAR, it’s people like you who push people to join NAR religious businesses.
        Both are garbage, but both perpetuate Jesus Christ. A necessary evil I guess for the cause of Christ.
        The only difference between you and I Anthony, I know I’m an ass hole from time to time but only when dealing with assholes.
        You on the other hand, you are a self righteous asshole to everyone that doesn’t share your legalistic, dogmatic beliefs. And then hide behind your bible to justify yourself.
        Quoting scripture to Jesus didn’t work for the devil and it won’t work for you.
        Get to know the real Jesus Christ, not the one you’ve made up with a personal selection of bible verses.
        Threatening people who don’t show up on Sunday to your place business, shame on you. Jesus never commanded anybody to show up to a religious building on a special day. You just made that garbage up to enrich your business and to flex your assumed authority.
        Why should anyone listen to you when all you do is condemn others?

      • Threaten? An a-hole to people who don’t share my dogmatic beliefs? Personal selection of verses? If you were not so blinded by prejudiced hatred, you’d see somebody totally different than the person you are describing.

        And, by the way, you come down on me like I’m some crooked business owner milking old ladies out of their last dime. But how does that compute when the congregation I pastor sought me out, vetted me, moved me, and offered to pay me a salary? And what’s the salary for? To make it so that I don’t have to spend 40 hours a week in another job when there is so much to do for these people and this community?

        Authority? The ONLY authority I have is in the spiritual direction of our church. Other than that, we have deacons and committees and councils for everything else.

        There is so much you accuse me of. Yet, you know nothing other than what you assume. But as of yet, the Bible – the same one available to you – is free to you for studying. What Jesus do you read of in the Gospels? And what dogma do you teach? You obviously believe you are right about something, enough so to condemn me.

        Why not pick a passage? Pick a chapter. Heck, pick a book! Tell me what it means. Exegete it. Show me ANYTHING with Scripture! Just quit blasting me for lies when you have yet to publish a verse or passage I’ve taken out of context or abused. Why should I even listen to your arguments? Let’s do it. Let’s study some Bible. You tell me what you find and I’ll do the same. Otherwise, well, it’s nothing but your opinion.

  2. Lewis Long

    Stephen, if that is even your real name,
    Your words are painful. Nope, I don’t mean painful to me nor to Pastor Anthony or anyone else reading them. YOU are the one in pain! I can feel within your words a scab formed over the years that you have never had attended to. Quite sad.
    I say painful to you mainly because you apparently did NOT understand what you claim to have read. Had you truly read it, you would notice Pastor Anthony never ONCE said “Come to my church.” It is a generic call to EVERYONE to go to church. ANY CHURCH! But it’s even more impressive to those of us who can read and actually understand what is being said, and your lack of respect for God, whom you claim to follow, is monstrous and I will boldly add borderline satanic. Okies, maybe not borderline. Maybe over the line. Yeah, WAY over!
    He asked you to provide Biblical proof of your words, which you haven’t nor can.
    He told you point-blank the truth and you think it’s a lie? Balderdash!
    As a pastor he had to attend many MANY hours of classes and personal study. Your replies tell me you most likely haven’t had even 1 class, let alone even picked up a Bible and studied it for one hour! (FYI: Reading The Bible and studying it are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!)
    I close with this: GROW UP! Take responsibility for yourself and bring to this conversation something Biblical and leave your own understanding behind. I myself have not had as much education as Pastor Anthony, but I can almost guarantee I have most likely studied The Bible more than you have read it.
    Some might say I’m wasting my time, but regardless of that I am praying for you…

    • Stephen

      Jesus never promised a book to lead us, nor did He ever command us to attend “church” or as it was known in His day “synagogue”
      Also, attending “bible study” is not studying the bible. It’s indoctrination. All “bible studies” or “small groups” put on by religious businesses dictate what you are supposed to believe.
      I’m guessing by your sheeple mentality that you haven’t even read the 4 Gospels start to finish.
      You talk like some brainwashed parrot.
      Go see and study what Jesus Himself has to say. You claim to be a Christian, go learn about Jesus Christ from the Gospels,
      You’re just as capable as anyone else to figure it out for yourself.
      You’re salvation is your responsibility, don’t trust anyone with it. It’s not found in a church or through clergy or in a dead book, salvation comes by way of Jesus Christ Only..
      Don’t fall for the religious BS.

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