Gender Neutral Potato Head

Today, the company wants to stop leaning so heavily into this traditional family structure. “Culture has evolved,” she tells Fast Company. “Kids want to be able to represent their own experiences. The way the brand currently exists—with the “Mr.” and “Mrs.”—is limiting when it comes to both gender identity and family structure.”

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Have you ever wondered what it would take for the average person to lose his mind? Would it be a tragic loss or overwhelming circumstance that would break him? Torture? Deprivation?

What about the unceasing and incessant madness of the liberal Left and their determination to swab away all cultural norms from the deck of this sinking ship?

Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head are cultural icons. They even walk and talk in the “Toy Story” movies! Yet, because of the desire to let 3-year-old brains shape the future, Hasbro wants to further confuse them with not only a plastic toy potato, but one that can’t even decide which potato potty to enter.

“Culture has evolved,” they say. Tell me, toy geniuses, what is there about evolving that includes the deconstruction of the structural fabric which has been the framework and bedrock of society?

Oh, I get it – it’s a money thing, right? We want to appeal to the little crumb crunchers whose mommies and baby daddies have either ditched their responsibilities and commitments or unstitched and re-stitched their baby-making parts. We want to enable – for the dollar, mind you – a whole new generation of gender-confused part-swappers because leaning too heavily on the current traditional family structure is not good for the brand.

I don’t know how far I am away from losing it, but one thing’s for sure: Hasbro has mashed potatoes for brains.


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14 responses to “Gender Neutral Potato Head

  1. Now, I am frustrated. I asked for a Mr. Potato Head several years ago. I know it made the move from California to Michigan, but now I can’t find it. I think I put it away someplace because I was tired of dusting it. Just don’t remember where??

  2. NewsMax was covering the hot Potato today. Its obvious that this is about Atheist perverts that want to get rid of gender so they can call their homozexuality normal. It will never be normal. far be it from me to stop people from doing what they do, but I dont have to go along with them trying to say its normal.
    This is part of the reason for the level of hate the Left has. They see Christians as the evil people stopping from them from feeling proud about being over zexed. They should cut back on the drugs and read their bible maybe shake their heads and maybe they will not get their spuds mixed up.

  3. Oh, and they were saying that California is going to fine retail stores if they have men and women sections. they want to twist everyone there, not just their own but other peoples kids and families. The Dems are so twisted, that just today they were talking about taking the nuke codes away from biden cause he is not all there. Fact is, they knew that during the election. its a whole fraud from top to bottom.

    And you know its only 30 or 40 people out of 350 million people that are causing all this.

  4. Hey Anthony. off the books on the personal side. For some reason I have kept thinking of you when dealing with my health. I have had a hard time for the last few years because of arthritis and a allergy to milk. So I cut back and only drink milk in my coffee, but for some reason I have had allergies to life it seems.
    So it just puts a wet blanket on every morning and makes it harder during the day. Some says its about getting Old, but it also affects my mood.

    Anyways, I started taking a kirkland allergy pill and have been going off Milk entirely. No Pizza no milk. So I found a alternative creamer, Silk Almond for coffee which tastes like Hazelnut. Much better than the coconut or other milk substitutes because it is made as a creamer for coffee. And wow that is great.

    I have noticed I have started to drop a few pounds and feel much better. But last night I used a mushroom soup to make a hamburger sauce over noodles and boom It affected me, likely has cream in it. So thats out.

    But I for some reason was thinking of you a half dozen times. Not sure if its related or not, but if its God putting you in my mind when thinking about this subject, I might as well tell you. Not sure if its about you or me or just something else.

    but for the cause, May the Lord provide his blessing and protection on you and his mercy and insight to be prosperous in all that you do in life and for his kingdom. And Dear God, If you will provide a blanket of protection and help over Anthonys family and help them see what is hard to see.

  5. I hope for the Resurrection and City of God and life with Jesus himself for my future but also, that the church, those individuals who are part of the whole will also prosper. We will all end up at the same city, the same streets of Gold and through the crowd I am pretty sure we will look across the shoulders of the 10s of millions and see each other. And I think what will go through my head is, the same that goes through a runners head at the finish line, there is a pride in knowing those who ran with you made it.

  6. I completely agree! In fact, Hasbro is honestly a terrible company! For instance, they’ve created other toys that are a little different as well. I don’t know if you ever heard of LOL dolls, but these dolls look like strippers when you dip them in ice water (they are also a Hasbro creation)
    Anyways, please feel free to check out my blog about how education has gone mad.

    Here is my post about the discontinued Dr. Suess books-its all so crazy lol
    Hope you enjoy!

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