A Call to Stand the Line

There are times when I preach that I look back on what I said and wonder, “Did I do a good job? Did I mess that up? Did anyone get it?”

Other times I feel like a failure. That’s actually not as uncommon as you might think, for if a poll was taken of pastors and preachers I believe you’d find that the results would confirm most ministers feel that way a lot. I would say that there are three main reasons for that: 1) we are our worst critics; 2) we rarely see a response to our calls; and 3) spiritual attacks from the Enemy.

But then there are those times when it seems the Holy Spirit just takes control and you just become a mouthpiece. Last night (Wednesday) was one of those kind of nights. If nothing else, God poured over me a spirit of boldness and authority and I courageously spoke what needed to be said.

Therefore, I want to share a link to the church Facebook page where the study from last night was aired live. It has NOT been edited for time or content.


Last night was the last night of our study through the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, and the subject was Article XVIII The Family.

My main points were that if we as Southern Baptists are going to say this is what we believe, then we should act like it. Secondly, if we truly believe what we say, then we should draw a line in the sand and declare the hill on which we will fight and die. The reason being that what we say we believe is in direct contradiction to the prevailing cultural sentiment, even our own government.

Our forefathers gave their lives to maintain doctrinal purity. They stood on principle and God’s Word when others called for them to compromise, to comply, and to cower. You’d better believe that what we could be facing with the new administration in Washington could very well test our convictions like nothing we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes.

So, what to Southern Baptists say they believe about the family? What do I believe? Well, sit back and join us for a study through the last article in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.



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16 responses to “A Call to Stand the Line

  1. You are so right. We need to take a stand for Jesus. Jesus was clear about marriage and the family. He is serious. He expects us to be serious. It seems that the church is facing a crisis. We must all stand up. Thanks for speaking the truth.

    Blessings from mighty King Jesus.

  2. Stephen

    Yes, Jesus was quite clear about marriage and the family when He addressed the woman caught in adultery and the woman at the well who had been with multiple men. Yet we never see Him lobbying the government of His day to have His will mandated by any earthly government.
    A couple of 2 bit religious business owners about their own agenda is what the both of you are.
    Mind your own salvation and preach the Gospel

    • You are a trip, bro. “Mind your own salvation and preach the Gospel.” What do you think I’m doing? And the lobbying part? Jesus never drove a Chevy, either, so what’s the connection? Religious business owners? You obviously have no idea how Baptist churches operate.

      It seems to me that you are nothing more than a troll looking to stir things up. At least I’m bold enough to be in public where people can know who I really am. You won’t even tell me who you really are!

      • Stephen

        I’m Stephen L’Heureux and I live in Edmonton Alberta. I have 4 boys and I manage a roofing company. I spent 23 years physically roofing before I became a manager.
        What else would you like to know about me?
        Who I am is just as irrelevant as who you are, but when people preach a bunch of bullshit in the name of Jesus, I won’t be silent.
        As for your comment about Jesus never driving a Chevy, that has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.
        As for your religious business, Baptist are no different than any other denomination or non denomination, it’s all a business, wether you manage it or own it, it’s all witchcraft.
        The Gospel has nothing to do with your god, Donald Trump or your world view or your statement of faith.

        Instead of worrying about wether or not people are living to your standards, why don’t you mind your own family instead of perpetuating religious business that abuses children and those who are weak minded?

      • Thank you, Stephen. All I wanted to know was that you are a real person, not some troll (they do exist, you know). Now, permit me, if you would to dialogue with you about your accusations and rather general assumptions.
        First, I don’t know to what you are referring when you say “bull—-.” You say I should stick with the Gospel, yet pretty much anything I say seems to be contrary to what you understand the Gospel to be. What do you think it is?
        About the Chevy. Actually, it was a little absurd, wasn’t it? But that was the point. You made a claim that just because Jesus never lobbied the government, neither should His followers. However, that’s the same argument some people use for not allowing musical instruments in church worship…because Jesus never played an instrument. Yet, we are instructed to be good citizens, pay our taxes, etc. And when it comes to our form of government compared to what Jesus lived under, we have the added responsibility to promote good and ethical law since the power to govern is granted by the people. “We the people,” you know. They didn’t have that in Roman-controlled Palestine.

        As to the Baptist denomination, yes there is a HUGE difference between the way we run our “business.” Baptist churches are autonomous – we don’t answer to anyone other than our own congregation and God. There are no bishops in another state or city in control of our property, finances, or whom the congregation elects as its pastor. There is no ecclesiastical hierarchy within the Baptist denomination of Christian churches. That being said, I have NO control over the money, who gives it, or even where to spend it. I have an expense account that’s limited to 2100 a year. I pay, then I’m reimbursed – if it’s approved. No jets. No mansions.

        And no, it’s not all witchcraft LOL

        You said that “The Gospel has nothing to do with your god, Donald Trump or your world view or your statement of faith.” Seriously, how do I even respond? First, which god DOES the Gospel have to do with? Again, what is the Gospel to you? Is it not the good news that Jesus Christ died a substitutionary death for you and me so that we could be reconciled with a thrice-holy God? And isn’t it the good news that this transaction is a free gift of God by faith in Christ? What else could the Gospel be?

        The Gospel has nothing to do with Donald Trump? Well, you are correct on that point. But who said it did? Honestly, you are certainly angry about something, and I doubt it’s anything I’ve done. It’s probably nothing Donald Trump did, either. (Unless you believe the twisted media)

        My world view. We all have worldviews. You do and I do. I don’t know what yours is, however, but it sounds like it’s more humanistic than anything. If I possess a Judeo-Christian worldview, then the Gospel most certainly has something to do with it.

        My statement of faith. If you are referring to the Baptist Faith and Message, then I can understand, possibly, where you are making a false assumption. You see, the BFM is not dogma or doctrine; it is a statement to which Southern Baptists agreed is what we believe. It is NOT the Gospel, for sure. However, it does state what we believe about the Gospel of Jesus Christ as evident in Scripture.

        Now, to the last paragraph. To begin with, the “standards” are not mine. They are not only biblical standards, but ones to which were agreed to in writing as seen in the BFM. And it is not that I worry about people living up to some “standard;” I’m concerned as to whether or not they live up to THE Standard, which is Jesus. And all of us have a long way to go.

        But don’t forget this one point: I am paid to be concerned about my own flock. That’s what they elected me to do. So when I preach to them about how they live, that’s my job. I’m their pastor. I don’t MAKE them do anything. I don’t follow them around and point fingers. I don’t even accuse them of anything. What I do is teach what the Bible says and let it make application. You do with it what you want and answer to God yourself.

        “perpetuating religious business that abuses children and those who are weak minded”. Does that happen? Sadly, yes. But only in religious institutions? That’s the lie. That’s the propaganda speaking.

        Last thing. It is naïve to assume those of faith are “weak minded.” If that’s what you assume. Reason and logic are fundamental to the Christian faith.

        Now, honestly, thank you for what you do. Roofing is hard work, and raising 4 boys is even harder.

  3. Stephen

    Humanistic? To love my neighbour as myself is huministic? To live up to Christ’ example of loving others is humanistic? I don’t recall Christ condemning either the the woman caught in adultery or the woman at the well. Nor did He defy from doing what they were doing.
    There is no difference between what religious christians do now and what religious Israelites were doing back then.
    You label yourself as “the recovering legalist” and yet it’s not true.
    The law could never achieve the will of God, only Jesus Christ can.
    And yet self professed christians believe that the law is their strength.
    All laws are subjective, if they weren’t we wouldn’t need lawyers , judges and a panel of judges to decide.

    Most of faith are weak minded, or should I say trusting? Do you like trusting better? MLM scams, pyramid schemes, sharing propaganda along social websites and vitamin sales are predominant in the religious businesses such as yours.

    The standards you perceive from the bible are for you, they’re not meant to be legislated and forced onto others, especially if they don’t affect you.

    And as for the the rest of your justifications on the matters you have brought up, they don’t fool me.

    There’s no need to thank for being a roofer, it was a choice I made when I realized that Jesus had blessed me with a strong back, but more importantly, a sound mind. People think one needs a strong body to do hard work, but more important is a strong mind, other wise you would never allow yourself to work your body that hard.
    And that’s why people show up to church services, because they refuse to do the hard work themselves. They would rather just parrot what they hear on Sunday mornings.

    • Before I spend the time replying, and I don’t mind – I’ll just need to set aside some time 😉 – please let me know whether or not it will matter. In other words, do you want me to continue with honest and reasoned dialogue, or could you care less? Because if you would like to know my thoughts on your comment, I’d be more than happy to respond. Your call (I hope it’s a yes).

  4. Stephen

    of course it’s a yes. I have close friends who are of the same mindset and customs as you Anthony. We get along cause they know I won’t stand for their BS when we get together to have fellowship, fellowship is about only 1 Person, that person is Jesus Christ. Heck, some of them are flat earthers who much like yourself justify their beliefs with obscure bible passages.
    As for will it matter, I really haven’t gleaned anything useful from any of your blog entries, you haven’t yet presented me with anything I haven’t heard from any other evangelical spokesman.
    As for honest and reasoned dialogue, much like beauty, that is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s just say we’ll discuss what it is that we believe.
    At this point in time, all is subjective, and this is what’s being perpetrated from the echo chambers of government.
    Take your time, i’m in quarantine as 2 people I work with are battling covid and I can’t get tested till Monday morning.

  5. What actually is the New Testament example of an altar call?

    I’m not faulting them, I’m just wondering if that a man-mad tradition instead of an actual indicator of success?

  6. Regarding the SBC, they will fold at the drop of a hat. You should join your IFB brethren. 🙂

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