“In Such a Time as This…”

Let’s Begin With a Comment

A reader named Stephen decided to throw in his two cents in response to a recent post called “He Will Be My President.” Before we go any further, I’d like to share it with you.

Talk is cheap and you got a website dedicated to it.
I get the feeling it won’t take long for the hypocrite in you to come out, but you’ll justify yourself in your hypocrisy. It’s what religious people do.
Reeds in the wind, flailing about trying hard to show the world just how saved you are.
Keep working at it, your salvation is near.

If you would like to read my follow-up to Mr. Stephen’s comment, you can go to the comment section of that post. For now, I want to direct you to the video below.

A 3-Pointer

It’s not that often I preach a classic three-point sermon, but this is one I would ask you watch. The subject of the sermon this past Sunday morning was how to move forward in “such a time as this.”

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, even if they are like the one above.


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4 responses to ““In Such a Time as This…”

  1. Something that is hard for us Anthony, is a church at large that cannot stand and be loyal to what is right, what is just. We often super spiritualize everything, so now we’re forgiving, we’re full of grace, we’re holding hands and singing kumbaya, BEFORE the crime is even over! Heck, half the SBC are now congratulating the new alleged President elect… right in the midst of election fraud.

    • I don’t want to be misunderstood, so I will try to clarify. Just in case I came across wrong. I do not believe this election was fair. I still believe that every opportunity should be taken by the current president to bring about I just resolution. But at the same time, I believe, as the church, we must also show the love of Christ, love our neighbor, and respect those who are in authority. That does not, however, absolve us of the responsibility stand up and fight for righteousness. Righteousness exalts a nation, not winning an election through fraud.

      At this very moment I am on my way to the Georgia Baptist convention annual meeting. I am sure there will be many there, especially African-American pastors, who are happy with the results, Joe Biden possibly elected. But knowing Georgia Baptists, should a resolution suppose that would congratulate the theoretical president elect, it will probably be voted down in light of the obvious fraud. I will wholeheartedly oppose it, that’s for sure. You have my word on that.

      Should the results finally show that Joe Biden legally wins, I will accept him as my president. And I will pray for him. I will pray for this country.

      But one thing that I will never, ever, in no way shape or form do is congratulate the man for winning. I would only do so the moment after the first voice from an aborted child was lifted up in support.

      • Thanks, Anthony. I hope you have a good meeting and get some fellowship in with some likeminded people. I’ll keep working through this issue and probably blogging about it more in the future. 🙂

  2. Live, Laugh, Love. Wonderful sermon, Pastor Baker!

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