Check Out My Online Store!

It’s early Sunday morning, like only 7 minutes in at the time of this writing. So what am I doing up so late?

Well, I’m an emotional wreck, for one thing. I’ll give you one guess why, and it has nothing to do with the price of Disney World season passes.

Regardless, I’ve got to live life and bring a little joy into people’s lives where I can. And where it’s possible, tell them about Jesus.

And one way that God has given me an open door to talk about His majesty and grace is through the gift and talent of art. That’s why I’m trying to waste no time taking my painting seriously.

I would love for you to check out my online store by clicking on the link below. There you will be able to order prints, even the original paintings, if you’d like.

I only started working on the store this afternoon, so it still needs a little tweaking. There are more paintings to add, but I’ll have to get to those a little later in a day or two.

Have a great Lord’s Day!


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4 responses to “Check Out My Online Store!

  1. Don’t worry, be happy. TRUMP is a special Character, with Flaws, but with more money and skill and support than you and I and a thousand others put together. He donates more to charity in one year than we do in our whole entire life time.

    What Hillary did by inventing a scheme (the Steele dossier) destroyed a friendship and attempted a coup on the President of the USA. It was Treason. Trump a baby Christian doesn’t grasp our whole religion is based on forgiveness. And maybe that is good for the moment, because you can be sure, No one. Specially the Democrats will steal an election from him. There is enough evidence to wipe out the Democrats. Don’t you worry.
    Hunter was seen on stage with Biden tonight. the FBI has had his laptop for almost a Year. There is questions as to if they sat on it or used the time to spy. Apparently the swamp is far larger. If I am right, what is about to happen will be as big as World War 2. Its not going to be pretty and the Media who treated Trump poorly by mocking Trumps smug personality will try to stop it. Its gross what they have done becoming bed fellows with the Democrats.
    But Good news it has forced Conservatives and Christians out of the woodwork to create alternate Media. And there is a lot of these groups growing fast and many not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    So don’t fret. Trump with his 4 billion dollars, the force of Bill Barr and Rudy and many others including his family will not be going down. A lot of lawyers will be rich, and this next year will be the year of the court, but you can be sure. the Promise to drain the swamp has been in process and I put money on it that TRUMP wants the take down to be sensational. Hold on to Your Seat. Buy some Popcorn. stage Prayer rallies. watch the sparks fly. God did not leave us comfortless. Romans 8:18-39. and this applies not just to what happens inside the 4 walls of the church but in life. Never in our life time not even with Reagan did we have an American President create 3 peace deals for Israel with more to come and a peace deal between Kosovo and Serbia. Who would have thought it, from a rough plane spoken President like Donald Trump. You can be sure, if he can bring peace, He can bring more Hell Fire and Brimstone down on Corruption than carter has pills.

    Chin Up. The Future is as bright as the Promises of God! Hang on.

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    Help a friend by decorating your house, office, or whatever!


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