“I Don’t Know How a Christian, Especially a Minister, Could Vote for Trump”


Welcome to “Controversial Tuesday“!

I have decided to devote Tuesdays each week to something controversial. If you remember, a couple of weeks ago I asked what you would like for me to write about.

From your responses I will craft my posts.

“I Don’t Know How a Christian…”

The title for today is a statement I have heard for the last 4 years in some form or another. And now that an election is just months away, it’s a statement or question that’s being repeated time and time again.

Why Trump?

As a Christian minister, my conscience will not allow me to vote for Joe Biden, or any Democrat (because of their support of abortion). But then you may ask, “Do you mean to tell us that you think Donald Trump is more of a Christian than Biden?” No, I don’t think that. All I can do is judge them by their actions and take them at their word.

Then, in a raised, indignant voice you might come back with, “Do you mean to tell me, as a Christian, a Baptist pastor, you would actually condone voting for a man who groped women’s privates, owned strip clubs, and has made millions off of questionable construction deals?”

I would say that’s a fair question, to which I would continue, “Do you mean to tell me it would be MORE Christian to vote for a man who constantly sniffs young girls and touches women, was known to walk around naked in the VP mansion, and helped his son make millions from Russian oil companies?”

The Video

You know what, I’m going to YouTube and I’m going to record a video. There’s more to say and I don’t want to type it.

On a final note, and something that I wish I had addressed in the video, is the claim that America is being destroyed by Trump, or the claim that Trump brought in an era of violence, meanness, hatred, etc. How can one suggest such things?

Was it Trump who marched in the streets the day after the election carrying signs reading “Not my president!”? Was it Trump who was attacking people wearing MAGA hats? Was it Trump who was forcing the race card into every conversation? Was it Trump who was falsely accusing anyone of colluding with the Russians to steal an election? Was it Trump who nothing, not one thing, not even a syllable spoken was positive?

No one cared about Trump until he shockingly got elected and defeated Hillary Clinton. So many serious left-wing voters were crushed when Hillary lost, and there was no way they could forgive the Orange Man.

Maybe next Tuesday I will talk about the Police. Any suggestions to the otherwise? 



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11 responses to ““I Don’t Know How a Christian, Especially a Minister, Could Vote for Trump”

  1. Angie Reinecke

    Well said Pastor!!!!

  2. Pastor Anthony. I just watched your video, thank you for sharing. As a Canadian, I did not know all the inner thoughts of the Democratic Party. I knew some, but did not follow it closely. Honestly, I was one, on this northern side of the border, who wondered how a Christian, a Pastor, could vote for DJT. Now I know and understand. I realize many well known, leading Pastors have supported him, but have never heard the Party thoughts put out there so clearly. Again I thank you.

    I wish, in Canada, we had a definite difference in parties in those important matters. Our Liberal Party which is in the second term of being in power, is morally corrupt, supporting abortion on demand until birth, same sex marriage, children changing genders if they wish. It is sickening.

    Our Conservative party, who was in power previously, had a leader who is pro life, anti same sex marriage, and anti gender change by choice. When that party lost the election, his party members voted him out of leadership.
    The new leader is pro all that stuff and is non Biblical.

    So Canada is sliding down a slope quickly, even more quickly now, when a moral, Bible Believing leader is not involved.

    A very scary comment made by the current Prime Minister within the past year or so, is, Christians will destroy this country if we let them,

    One other item. Our Prime Minister Himself, is up on his third ethics charge since being in office. He is a good talker to evade trouble, a multi millionaire through inheritance, so has escaped the first two, and awaiting the hearing in this one.

    We are praying and trusting God, to turn this country around, to the Biblical principles of the Founding Fathers again, or this country will be continuing to deteriorate, and not because of Christ followers.

    That is my rant. God Bless you Pastor as you keep on speaking Biblical Truth, as I know you will.


    • Thank you for sharing your side of the story, too. I wish more Americans would be concerned enough about fellow Christians in other places, so much so that they would be informed and know how to pray. I’m guilty.

  3. Preston

    Very good article Sparky, I just wish more people could believe and understand all the corruption especially against Christians.

  4. dolphinwrite

    I’m going to share an observation. While watching the Apprentice, I did not see a man who I would want to run the country. However, application is everything, whether I agree with some of his methods or not. But here’s a few things I’ve shared: 1) He’s doing what we voted him to do, and he’s remaining close to the constitution. 2) He supports the church and school choice, two things I believe are extremely important to family and are key to continued liberty with responsibility, and 3) He speaks up, a great reminder to all of us the importance of not allowing the thought police (PC cops) to control our freedom of speech. Also, he’s dredging up all the people who were working daily to destroy this country and take our freedoms away. So, I say to people. If you’re voting for Trump, stop apologizing and qualifying your statements. No candidate is perfect. It has to do with the people working together with the president. And as time goes on, we see him giving credit to our Father in heaven. With what was going on in previous years, what we have not is the opportunity to keep a truly constitutional America. But if we don’t learn this lesson, when he leaves office, the freedoms we so enjoy today will become the United Socialist States of America. Speak up and don’t apologize. Clarity is important for others to understand and stand united and strong for this country.

  5. dolphinwrite

    Clarity is everything. Understanding what we want America to be, the foundations that created the best nation in history, and what the next generation will inherit from our decisions, is extremely important. This year may be the most important of the twenty-first century. Let’s look at what are the choices that we all must address, not thinking of ourselves, but for this generation, the next, and the future of America.
    If we vote democratic (The Democratic Party is not the same as decades ago, not even a decade ago, becoming far more progressive, which doesn’t mean progress, and radical), our borders will become a sieve, flooded and unchecked. That means people just seeking a better opportunity, good people, though illegally entering, will be accompanied by criminals, terrorists, and anyone else we can imagine. Illegal arms, drugs, and other criminal activities will soar in this country. Human trafficking will grow. Our families will endure danger the likes of which we don’t yet comprehend. Sanctuary cities, maybe states, will increase, becoming places for many to abide, eventually many taking their crimes to other cities and states.
    Abortion, which has already gone far through the roof, will skyrocket. We will hear of babies aborted right up to birth, even after birth, and the resulting deaths will create an atmosphere the likes we don’t yet understand or can comprehend. Life will become meaningless for many. We will experience the ramifications everywhere. That I leave readers to consider the full meaning.
    Crime will soar. We have already seen how the left deals with crimes. Many criminals won’t serve their sentences, certainly not fully, and some of the worst criminals will be let out onto our streets. Many will be hired, even though they haven’t truly changed for the better, and many will continue perpetrating crimes in our neighborhoods. As such, together with the above, there will be “training” in companies and organizations, causing all of us to “understand” people, have “compassion” for people, but not in a way that promotes responsibility,and how we are allowed to talk. Step outside their “box”, think for yourself, and you will (most likely) be fired, ostracized by social media and the media, and “retrained.” And if you are retrained, you will be watched for the rest of your lives.
    The police will be completely controlled. There will be reeducation camps, reeducation training, and they will not be able to pursue criminals as they should. More recently, we’ve seen police pursuits where the police following criminals could not quickly stop the fleeing criminals. In older days, when things made sense, the police would have stopped those criminals in a heartbeat, not follow them for endless miles until they ran out of gas or stopped and ran on foot. Police will not be able to use tried and reliable methods of bringing criminals down. As such, more and more criminals will treat the police with wanton disregard. We saw it with the recent mobs when police were told not to stop the mobs. And we saw how those disregarding the police became ever more violent. With a changing of the guards, we’ll see this type of behavior soar. And another effect will be our youth having disrespect or contempt for our bravest in blue. They won’t back the blue. They’ll be fed constant propaganda, more so than these days, and they’ll grow up not knowing what society once was when things were good.
    In schools, your children will be reeducated. They’ll be taught to disregard America, to see America as an evil nation, and the propaganda will soar. More focus will be spent on standards rather than basic skills leading to creative and life building lessons and projects. They will be taught all manner of improper behavior as good, that they need to “understand,” but those students of moral and traditional beliefs will be the one’s getting in trouble. More parents will home school as a result, which is good, but more policy controls will be placed on parents regarding how to teach their children. Parents will become swamped by all the minutia of information required, much of which doesn’t prepare their children for life ahead. More teachers will leave the profession, however, due to the increasing vetting processes in college and school administrations (which will change), the only teachers will be those who support the left and radical left. There will be constant “training” for these teachers, during the week, on some weekends, and during the summer, ensuring they are fully propagandized, that common sense, traditional teachers cannot remain, replaced by left and radical instructors.
    The media, which already is far left, many radical, will become even more radical. Decent people will be targeted. Decent, moral people will become even more the silent majority. Perhaps, with time, they will find ways of returning our country to greatness, but it will not be pretty, not by a long margin. It will be a great struggle. We will see good people in high places under constant target, every effort to mar their names, prevent them from speaking, and put them in jail, among other things. Conservative radio and television hosts will find making a living becoming increasingly difficult. Their stations will be regulated to prevent quality programming. And our courts will be packed with radical left Supreme Court justices that do not believe in the constitution. We have nine justices today. There may be fifteen later, all the new ones radical justices that don’t believe in the constitution. There will be far more executive decisions that are not constitutional, but they’ll have the radical justices to support their agendas. Make no mistake. Life will radically change like you’ve never imagined, for the radical left will be desperate to prevent Christian conservatives and conservatives from ever getting back into political high offices.
    You can say goodbye to your guns. Oh, they may not outright take our guns away, at least, not at first, but they will make it extremely difficult to have or use one for protection. There will be an incredible amount of regulations, restrictions, and other controls. For instance, many types of firearms will be outlawed. Magazines will be further limited on ammo count. Design requirements will increase, causing gun prices to soar, which will cause gun manufacturers, due increasing radical lawsuits, supported by the packed courts, to go out of business. That also leads to arms with more problems, with less repair times.
    But it will be much worse. In some states, gun owners are required to separate the gun from the magazine, but concealed carry permits will become a thing of the past, or very few. There will be increasing places where you cannot carry or have. That’s great for the criminals who don’t follow the law, and with criminals and terrorists coming across borders and not prosecuted, no one will feel safe. And when people do defend themselves and their families, they will have all their arms taken and they’ll be sent to prison. Remember the family facing a mob coming for them, many in front of their home, telling them what they’re going to do? One fellow, maybe more, were outside, I believe holding a rifle to protect themselves, and they were the ones prosecuted, though I believe they were eventually released, though they did have all of their arms taken, which we hope, were returned. Well, with the left and radicals in charge, all that will change. Every time someone defends themselves and their families, they will be targets. Perhaps they will have to be “retrained.” It will become a situation in which citizens won’t know what law they’re breaking. All purchasers of firearms will come with necessary training, to propagandize them, making defense a near impossibility. People will live in fear.
    And with the radicalization of our country, social media and twitter will be full of propagandists and radicals constantly filling the air ways. They’ll also be taking pictures and people’s words out of context, using the social media and radical news agencies to create public opinions. And this will seriously damage our youth, for unless parents take full control of raising their children, they will be left at the mercy of those attempting to upend the U.S. Constitution and America.
    Just look at how a wonderful Supreme Court Justice candidate is being treated. Her job, if she’s accepted as the next justice, is not to place her, or anyone else’s, opinions into the court. Her job is to follow the law, follow the U.S. Constitution as it is written, and make judgements based upon law and the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Constitution coming first. In that way, we have separation of powers and a better guarantee of individual and societal freedom with responsibility. While she might “feel” like helping elephants should be outlawed, or that another project warrants support, she first has to check them with the Constitution and laws on the books, also judging whether laws on the books are Constitutional. She cannot be persuaded by special interests. For if justices can move and sway with opinion, there will be no law and order, no real freedom, and no real America.
    But if the radical left have their way, they will only put in the court those who can be persuaded by special interests and the radical left. We won’t have an America, or one we can recognize, any more. And if they get in power, it will happen very fast. So fast, in fact, that we won’t be able to reverse course. They’re depending upon that. That’s part of why they use the media and other organization to propagandize us like never before.
    As we’ve shared in the past. It’s extremely important that people follow the rabbit of reason. It’s important people know the real issues. And with more and more people thinking for themselves, rationally, our country has the hope of a better tomorrow.

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