I’m Just a Simple Preacher

“Simple Preacher”

I’m just a simple ol’ preacher
I know what I know, I think
But when I’m around the scholars
I find that my knowledge stinks

They impress with their didactic polemics
And their proofs of amanuenses
But at the risk of sounding solipsistic
I know that I know I have Jesus

– Anthony Baker



Filed under God, poetry, Preaching

4 responses to “I’m Just a Simple Preacher

  1. Where did I put my dictionary?????

  2. No thesaurus or dictionary included? Or does tomorrow’s rendition explain the words a old time guy like me doesn’t know? 😀

  3. LOL! Good one, Anthony. Funniest thing I ever heard was this woman who went “Whoa, hold up. There’s way too many syllables in your theology.” Cracked me up, but she made a great point.

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