Meet the Wise Wife

This evening my wife joined me as we discussed Proverbs 30. She was nervous at the beginning. She didn’t trust me.

However, it’s not my job to embarrass people online while talking Bible stuff. Also, I prefer a happy life, ergo, “happy wife.”

But Valerie underestimates herself. She is pretty sharp. Actually, she is a wise woman. She had no reason to be nervous.

If you can get it to play, below is a link to tonight’s Bible study. It’s also a glimpse into our marriage 😉


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3 responses to “Meet the Wise Wife

  1. Correct me if I am wrong Anthony but I don’t see any Bible Study link. Blessings!

    • Are you looking at this post on your smartphone or a computer? I believe you may have to look at the desktop view in order to see the Facebook link.If you don’t see it, just go to @bethlehembaptistwarthen and look for the last video where my wife and I talk about Proverbs.

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