Nothing Says “I love you” Like Abortions

The following is in honor of Sanctity of Life Sunday.


It’s now been 6 years ago that the former president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, was suggesting gifts for Valentine’s Day, and I feel the story is worth repeating.

I really appreciated it, too, because, as a guy who wants to impress his girl, every little suggestion for something new can help.

So, what did Ms. Richards suggest? What did she share on her Twitter account that we men needed to know? What, pray tell, are we supposed to go out and purchase this year?

Roses? Candy? Diamonds? A new car? Tickets to the opera? A new dress? A year’s supply of lipstick? Dinner at Tavern on the Green? A Ruth’s Chris gift certificate? A singing candy gram? A day at the most expensive beauty salon? An exotic vacation to Hawaii?

abortionistNo. According to Cecile Richards, the one thing that EVERY woman REALLY needs for Valentine’s Day is…no joking…an ABORTION!

Interesting…don’t you think? I wonder how that would work? Maybe it would go like this…

“Sweetie, you’ll never guess what I got you this year for Valentines Day!”

“OH! I’m so excited! What is it my dearest?”

“Are you sitting down? I bought you an abortion! Isn’t it great?!”

“AAAHHH! You are SOOO sweet! You knew that little parasite that started growing inside of me after we had pre-marital, un-protected, lust-driven sex was going to hamper my hedonistic desire for consequence-free pleasure, didn’t you? I knew you cared.”

“Hey! Don’t mention it! There’s a lot more where that came from. So, once you survive having that blob of non-human cells ripped out of your uterus, let’s forget all about all that free contraception we’re being offered, and just go for it! What do you say?”

“You really know how to treat a woman, don’t you?”

God help us! Have mercy on us! 

Lord in heaven, open Cecile Richards’ eyes to the murderous lunacy that is her idiotic suggestion!

Wouldn’t a box of chocolates and a dozen roses be a much better idea?


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3 responses to “Nothing Says “I love you” Like Abortions

  1. Stephen

    Here’s another one Mel’s takes on the bible and christian faith. A religion that can only be supported by the passion translation.
    The differences between baptist religion and Jesus freak/latter rain/NAR and between most denominations or non denominations pertaining to who Jesus Christ IS, are not minute.
    Just in case you don’t quite understand what I’m getting at Anthony. I could go on for days but I don’t think I will. The bible is subjective and we’re all guilty of bad biblical theology with the exception of Jesus Christ. But I can assure you, we all have a little bit of the Truth.


    • Well, Mel and I obviously would disagree on a few things, especially equating Christ’s “fullness of the Godhead” (Col. 2:9) with our completeness in him (verse 10), which is in reference to our salvation through faith in Jesus. And if I’m in the least wrong with that interpretation (based on simple hermeneutics), I’m not wrong when I say that claiming our salvation is the same thing as “in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.” We are not God.

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