I Just Don’t Give a Care!

Photo from a Foxnews.com story

Believe it or not, the drama has already returned. 

Starbucks didn’t put “Christmas” on their coffee cups.

Folks, I’m going to make this short and sweet (even though I like my coffee tall and black), I couldn’t care less what Starbucks does with their coffee cups.

There are a ton of other coffee shops (I went to 14 in Charleston, remember), and most of those had NOTHING on their cups. If anything, their cups were either ceramic or paper with their own logo on the side.

Heck, I’d rather go to McDonald’s for coffee! Their coffee is better than Starbucks’, and I can get 2 cups for the price of one! And McDonald’s cups keep coffee warmer longer, too.

Look, Starbucks is not a Christian company. It’s not even a Christian-friendly company. If anything, it’s blatantly liberal and apologetically so. Why would anyone expect them to promote Christmas?

This is one hill I don’t want to die on.

For that matter, you can have that hill; I’m going to the double arches. 


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4 responses to “I Just Don’t Give a Care!

  1. Agree. McD’s coffee is better, and better priced. Besides, buy 7 get one free.
    Don’t need cups advertising what they don’t believe, just for possible sales.

  2. I also couldn’t care less what Starbucks does!! Their coffee is bitter, and WAY WAY overpriced!! Yuck! We have a gas station/convenience store chain where I live called Wawa! That’s the only place outside of my home where I get my “fix”.

  3. Roy cavender

    Being an old fart, I can get 4 cups of Mcdonalds coffee for the price of one 😊

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