To Be With Him…

I went to my “reader” with the intention to look for something to reblog on my site. Well, the first one I clicked on was this one by my friend IB. There was an immediate connection with my spirit.

You see, I’m trying to do a lot of things, maybe too much (according to a couple of deacons who want me to be careful and not burn myself out), and all of it NEEDS to be done. Yet, just this morning I was having coffee with a fellow preacher and I shared my self-diagnosed need to spend more time with the Lord in prayer…not in a legalistic way, but in a quality way.

In other words, I need to spend time with the One who has sent me, otherwise whatever I’m doing for Him will be nothing more than wood, hay, and stubble.

Thanks, IB, for the reminder – and confirmation.

See, there's this thing called biology...

I love this saying, “Jesus calls us to be with Him, not to work for Him.”

That bothers me, I have a bazillion objections already. Like, “faith without works is dead!” But there is stuff that needs to get done!  Nobody else is going to do it! What am I supposed to do, just sit here and do nothing?

Jesus calls us to be with Him. We people tend to be all about fixing stuff, doing stuff, producing stuff, as if we now get to show how much good work we do for the Lord, how invaluable we are. Chuckling here, and I shall spare you all the links, but those busy trying to prove how virtuous and good they are, are all over twitter and FB, and they’re downright ugly. Ugly, I tell ya!  U-g-l-y.

That’s because our own works are always based on scarcity and fear. I do…

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  1. I have been reminded by the Lord as well, because I have been up to my ears, and when I sit and pray I can fall asleep. If I sit I can fall asleep. And when customers are around I cant be alone. But Its so nice to listen to the audio bible while working and then pray while working, even talking out loud with God. Its some of by best times. And when playing the piano, when the tenant down stairs is not home, Wow I love singing out loud and praising God, that again is a special time. But when everything in so busy those times are short and I have to say, I fell like I am being ripped off. Some times I want to tell customers to get away from me. The Lord is so special and people keep bugging me. LoL, There is to many homeless, to many in need for companionship, to many wanting their kitchen done, to many!! I end up trying to do two things at once, driving and talking on the phone or watching TV and typing. Or showering and cooking breakfast.
    Do you know why you try so hard. Because part of caring means you put others ahead of yourself. And that is exactly what Jesus did and calls us to do. And the fact that He is helping you to balance things, and your ears are open to your wife and people around you is a good thing too. Now if you could delegate someone to double up everything you do, so you could bring board members along with you so you could work with them while visiting others and have them make calls LoL. And help you look up scriptures and write letters to newcomers.

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