Simple Preacher

“Simple Preacher”

What I am is just a simple ol’ preacher.
And what I know’s been s’ficient so far.
But when I get around some of them scholars,
They go and act like my knowin’s sub par!

They impress with their didactic polemics
And their proofs of amanuenses,
But at the risk of sounding simply solipsistic,
I just know that I know I have Jesus.

– Anthony Baker


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14 responses to “Simple Preacher

  1. Yup, you got it. All we need is Jesus and His Gospel, Holy Spirit and His leading, and a love for people, none of whom we wish to perish without Christ.
    Preach and share so ALL can understand.
    God’s Blessings Brother, as you continue to serve Him in Power.

  2. Love it: “I just know that I know I have Jesus.”


  3. evolution is a hoax

    Its my belief and I think it is Correct, That there is a duty to do it right.

    Some will preach off a verse or have a topic they want to talk about and make some scriptures work, but that is not best practice.

    When We preach we should look at the context and ask what is the writer trying to push, It might not even be a topic of that verse we might cherry pick out. And if so, really we should leave it and find a passage where the writer is preaching the topic we want, and then teach what he taught.

    in other words we really should rehash what they are trying to communicate, not try and do our own thing. So it is what are they talking about, not what am I talking about and attempt to put words into their mouths, instead let them speak.

    • So, what are your thoughts on the following? Because this week we celebrate Labor Day (a questionable holiday, but that’s a different conversation), I plan to do a sermon on work. How would you address this topic, the doctrine of work, with Scripture. One verse? Multiple passages? In other words, what would be your method to deliver a topical sermon in an expository manner?

      • evolution is a hoax

        This is off the top of my head with no thought. Where is Jesus talking bout Work. I think the obvious is Matthew 6 But I also thought about Hebrews 11, but not for the faith, but for the maturity, the busy lives, I don’t know if any one needs to be told they should work other than the obvious, Paul says, if you do not work you should not eat speaking about contributing in the cause to help the needy.

        Its my contention that storing up treasures, is like thinking that having a house is security. I am right now working on a project to get roofs over the heads of homeless people, a huge topic, Initial value of others is key. Some have all kinds of things to say about the poor. and to your subject, if you want to live on the street, between bank doors, without a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out off. You have at it. Poverty causes the loss of your house, it causes you to lose your car, it causes you to squat at peoples homes till they had enough of you. It causes you not to be able to own a TV or a Phone and no one cares, because each should to a point “carry ones own load” Galatians 6:1 on topic, and in context.

        Oh, Look, you got me going. LoL. I better stop. But for the sake of the youth. As I went through this with a young 24 year old yesterday who couldn’t switch over the handles on the fridge door cause no one gave him my gifts or helped him develop some basic ways of doing things. You take a problem and you break it down into bite size issues. Most of my work is overwhelming, I build entire homes or do small renos but a simple thing as having furniture to big to move on my own can stop the job. Every thing in life is like that. Obstacles. and solutions.

        The bible is full of them. And just saying pray is not right. Its avoiding the obstacle. we should already be praying, faith should already be assumed, and slapping someone when they are down, and don’t know how to move forward is not what Jesus was in the habit of doing.

        Its why we have Mothers and Fathers and Spouses and Pastors and teachers and Friends, and we work through things. We go to unemployment offices, we sort out why is it that I am stiffening my neck. And wonder is my stiffening of my neck stopping me from going to that place. Whats going on, lets break it down. Lets not lay blame.

        Everyone should work, but they should not have it as the source of peace and their security. God is saying to develop our true security and have our dependency in the right place. Jesus was no slouch, And when people were in trouble, real trouble, some literally laying on the street cause of sickness, he helped those in need.

        If you need to see Paul tent making, or others to prove that work is a good thing, great, but to be in context and on topic. lifting up people about work is far better than taking them down. No one from time beginning, from Adam being told to till the ground, to have children to make a life for himself to two women working in a field one taken the other left. Working is a given. And the second and third sermon should be to break down, Work, and break down our relationship with God and why all this has less meaning and the pearl of great price is really the goal.

        What is the main verse, while sliding through all that. I think it is Galatians 6. tied back to Matthew 6, over to 1 Timothy 6:6-8 over to Genesis 28:20 and how he was wrong. while reflecting, working is a given, and that everyone sees it as hard. But our source according to Jesus as to what is true happiness and something not to be neglected is, our relationship with God. And how hard are we working at that.

        Off the top of my head. Obviously one would have to tidy up the transitions and put some punch/epiphany. Like Mark 13:35. while we all should be hard at it. Lets not get left behind because we loved our lives more than we loved our God.

  4. evolution is a hoax

    And doesn’t it make it easy when we don’t have to create new story, that we can just pick from the teachings of Jesus or the Apostles or from some of the grand stories of the Old Testament. And then tie in some other statements authors made on the subject. tossing in a story or two and then getting back to their point and application as to what God is expecting of us and how this fits into our lives. So much easier teaching and preaching what God has already put on the table.

    For me these days its Philippians 2 and James 2 understanding partiality and the fundamental heart of christian Character.

    I think the simple gospel is skewed because it is more than the cross, it all focuses on the cross but that is a means to an end from the heart of God.
    The Actual subject is Reconciliation and restoration. God wants to do it in two ways, between God and Man and Between Man and Man.
    The Garden of Eden, and the Cain kills Abel. The Mark 12:30 OR Deut 6:4-8 in simple terms Jesus did not go away to prepare place for us to live without him. Its not the large cash prize. being with him is. It starts now. God loves us, and while sin and what that is creates barriers, its an issue as is the cross only because they get in the way of the main thing. Jesus loves you. Religion, Christless Christianity, duty all miss the mark. The bunny trail about how we treat each other is still on topic because its about the Character of Love God has and is, and his desire to Love us, its more than heaven. The Simple Gospel is, God is saying. Will you please come home I love you. I have made a way for you. And yes, your Sins have screwed things up, but please, we can fix that, you can leave those things and we can be together. It is the greatest love story, the gospel.

  5. My, what big words for a simple ol’ preacher!

  6. evolution is a hoax

    I guess from your response you didn’t expect me to actually give you at least 3 scriptures in context on topic with what looks like an intentional using of the term “food and clothing” have a great day! its beautiful out there!

    • To begin with, I am walking through a Walmart with my wife looking for a grill to grill hamburgers. So I am in no position, LOL, to write as much as you have. But what I will do is share with you the results of my study when I decide what it is I will finally preach. My approach is the doctrine of work itself. There’s no way I can sufficiently cover what Scripture says about work with just one passage. So I am going to take different aspects of work, from its beginning before the fall, to how work was affected by the fall, to how labor is part of God‘s sanctifying and missional work in the world today.

      I guess talking to text while walking through Walmart wasn’t that bad after all 😁

  7. hawk2017

    Excellent. TY

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