Life Lesson from the School Bus (#9) “Making a Way”

Trying to Merge

Have you ever tried to merge into traffic, only to find that everyone else is in a bigger hurry than you? Try convincing a bunch of motorists on their way home that your school bus needs to jump into the flow.

Every time people see my kid transporter attempting to enter traffic from a side street, they say to themselves, “Oh no! I can’t get stuck behind a bus!

So, without any compassion for me and my nerves, they pretend that they don’t see me. Better yet, they hold up a hand, wave slightly, and give me a look that says, “Sorry, but my schedule is too hectic to let you in front of me.” Jerks.

Making a Way

That’s when a school bus driver has to be proactive…he has to make a way into traffic. By being assertive with 35,ooo pounds of diesel-powered intimidation, one can MAKE motorist slow down and be polite. Making a way into traffic is possible because of a simple fact of life – getting put on the local news for hitting a school bus full of children is NOT in one’s best interest.

Life Lesson

God can make a way, when there seems to be no way.

Isaiah 43:16, 20 – [16] Thus saith the LORD, which maketh a way in the sea, and a path in the mighty waters; … [20] The beast of the field shall honour me, the dragons and the owls: because I give waters in the wilderness, [and] rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen.

When God chooses to do something, nothing in heaven or on earth can stop Him. God can make a way. No decree of man or law of nature is an obstacle to the LORD of creation. If God has told you to go somewhere, do some work, or reach some person, even if the way seems impossible, He is God…He will MAKE a way.

Are you going through a valley? Are you on a stormy sea and can’t see past the waves? Do you think that there is no hope, no way out of it this time? Trust in Jesus – He can make a way, where there seems to be no way. He can give rivers of hope in the midst of your wilderness.

Hope you enjoy this short video of a beautiful song by Don Moen.



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4 responses to “Life Lesson from the School Bus (#9) “Making a Way”

  1. hawk2017

    Like the song. He will…

  2. Beautiful song. And yes, God makes a way when there seems to be no way. He has done it for me, too many times to count.

    Two of those times involved a stopped school bus, and a speeding 18 wheeler. The first time, I was a first grader, getting off the bus in front of my house on Highway 66. As I was started across the two lane highway, a tractor trailer truck came barreling around the school bus, completely ignoring the stop sign. I literally came within just a couple of inches of being creamed by the truck. I hadn’t heard the truck. Didn’t see the truck. But — something stopped me, just before I walked in front of the truck.

    My mother was watching from the front door of our house. She said it looked to her like I had walked into an invisible wall, a split second before I would have walked in front of the truck.

    The second experience was even more miraculous. That one happened when I was 39, and I deliberately put myself, in my little Subaru, directly behind a stopped school bus full of kids. I knew that a speeding semi was going to come flying around the blind curve behind me in just a couple of seconds. A line of vehicles was coming toward me in the oncoming lane, so I couldn’t pass the bus on the left. There weren’t any shoulders on this stretch of road, but I could have run off the road into the shallow ditch on the right, of the narrow, winding, but that would have left the kids on the bus unprotected from the big 18 wheeler that had been flying behind me all the way from Bangor through Ellsworth, Maine.

    So I made the split second decision to slam on my brakes and stop behind the bus, hoping that my car would be enough of a cushion to save the children’s lives.

    I was staring into the eyes of a terrified little boy, thinking that I had less than 2 seconds left to live, when something amazing happened. When the truck rounded the blind curve behind me, the driver made a split second decision to steer around me, into the left lane. He did not hit his brakes at all, there was no time. As he headed straight toward the three or four vehicles that were in the left lane passing by the school bus, every one of those vehicles ran straight down off the road into the shallow ditch on that side of the highway. With inches to spare, the truck flew by my car and the bus, while the vehicles that had run off the road drove right back up onto the highway, and continued on like nothing had happened. And then, the bus started forward.

    It was one of those short, special ed type school buses. Why was it stopped there, on a hilly, blind curve, with nothing but trees on both sides of the highway? There were no houses and no buildings anywhere in sight. The stopped bus did not have its lights on, and the stop sign wasn’t extended. It made no sense. But wow. Wow! Nobody was hurt, from what I could see. There seemed to be no way, and suddenly, there was a way!

    Here’s something silly. My thoughts, when I believed I had just a couple of seconds left to live: “Lord, please don’t let any of the kids die. And man, it’s too bad that no one is going to know that I stopped here on purpose to save the kids.”

    Today, I don’t care about any kudos or reward. I did what I did because I am a big sister of seven, and the mom of three, plus I had a newborn granddaughter back then — the one that just got married last Sunday. And because of my God given maternal instinct, I could not save my own neck and leave those kids unprotected.

    Then God made a way for all of us.

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