Blog Post Blitz Coming!

This is just a quick announcement.

Tomorrow (July 18th, 2019) I will be publishing 11 posts, 10 of them in 5 hours. The first one will come at 9am (eastern), then a final one will come at 2pm.

All of this is to celebrate and commemorate my school bus driving career coming to an end. Tomorrow will be my last day on a school bus.

Next week: Full-time pastor.

So, I hope the blog blitz is not overwhelming.


The future’s so bright I had to wear shades! Or, maybe it’s my shirt?



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7 responses to “Blog Post Blitz Coming!

  1. I am so joyful for you, as a fulltime Pastor . I believe many kids on the bus were blessed during that part of your ministry, and it is a ministry, since everything we do as Christ followers is a ministry unto Him.
    Now there is a bit of a shift. 😀, office management, irregular hours.
    I do believe the congregation you are going to is blessed. You are God’s appointed, anointed man, for a time such as this, in a location such as that.
    God’s Blessing as Holy Spirit leads you into the area He has already prepared for you, and you for it.

  2. Blessings on your new assignment.

    Let the blitz begin.

  3. Yaaay You! Praying God’s blessing on your new beginning.

    Great shirt. You don’t really need the orange vest. 😁

  4. hawk2017

    Excellent,, Pastor Anthony.

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