Eye Phone Photo

Some of you may be unaware of my photo blog, i4Daily.
Well, here’s an opportunity to check it out and subscribe to it.
I believe you’ll enjoy it almost as much as I like posting the photos – especially with my new iPhone, not the original i4 🙂

i4 Daily

Today I found an old souvenir from Six Flags Over Georgia. Unfortunately, I’m a lot older and my eyesight wouldn’t allow me to view what was in the viewer.

So, I held the souvenir viewer up to the camera of my iPhone Xs.

Voila! My iPhone is now my EYE phone!

And guess what? Only when I viewed the photo I took with the iPhone did I see that the problem with my eyesight was that the magnifying lens wasn’t even attached… you can see it lying in front of the picture!

And, yes, those are culottes (LOL/eewww)

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4 responses to “Eye Phone Photo

  1. Culottes! That made me smile.

    I don’t get culottes though. Like IFBism created its own class of clothing.

    I’m totally a skirts person. Years ago it was conviction, now it’s convenience and conviction.

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