Revival In Soddy-Daisy

Ever been to an old-fashioned tent revival? Well, here’s your chance!

I mean, here’s your chance to at least watch one night’s meeting from one.

The video link below was originally uploaded from my phone on Facebook live. It was filmed during the evening service on June 5, 2019. The event was a city-wide community revival, each night featuring 2 local pastors.

My daughter and I take the stage in the second half, after which I preach. For you preachers out there, it was a perfect homiletical lesson in the importance of learning how to preach extemporaneously (without notes).

I pray it’s a blessing.


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9 responses to “Revival In Soddy-Daisy

  1. Stayed up late and watched it last night.
    Pretty good!

  2. hawk2017

    TY. This was done here last month. Praise God.:)

  3. Brother Anthony. I just completed watching the video, and with preaching like that Brother, the church you Pastor should be filled to capacity, with many coming to Salvation in Christ Jesus every service, as long as they are drawn into the service.
    Combining the earlier message with yours, is a powerful word for all Christ followers. We need to invite people to services. We need to make each service understandable, and preaching Christ Jesus crucified, risen, and coming again is understandable.

    Let’s get back to the Book of Acts, Hallelujah! Let’s remove fear of man, and have a true respectful Fear of God.
    We need to “show and tell” Christ at every opportunity Holy Spirit gives us.
    Brother Anthony, When I hear you preach like that, Bro, I am going to be praying for you and your part of the Body. Praying for you to live and preach in Power Of Holy Spirit, knowing His leading. Praying and believing with expectations that pre-believers will be invited, led, to your services, knowing they will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Him Crucified, Resurrected, Ascended, and returning soon. There is Power in the Name of Jesus, Power in the Blood of Jesus, power in the Spirit of Jesus, as His gifts have been given to Christ followers by our Lord Himself.
    May Christ continue to be Glorified in you, by you, and in your fellowship Pastor. God Bless you as you boldly serve and profess Christ Jesus.

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