There Is a Robust Response to Calvinism (IF You’ll Listen)

Many of you are Calvinists. I’m not.

Unfortunately, many think that there are no good arguments supporting a traditionalist view. Honestly, even many in my own denomination (SBC) have belittled and mocked the intelligence of those like myself for having not yet been enlightened by the “doctrines of grace.”

Let me put it this way, I know pastors who are more Calvinistic than John Calvin’s signature. These guys can get borderline contentious if you even suggest that Romans 9 and Ephesians 1 might not mean what they think it means (“inconceivable!”). To disagree with their interpretations is akin to attacking their tulip garden with a weed eater – they don’t like it.

However, I have attached video which offers a robust and biblical argument against the doctrine of reprobation as argued from Romans 9.  I am not posting this to start a debate or argument. My purpose is to offer you another perspective of which you may not have heard.

Believe it or not, there are intelligent Bible scholars out there whose names don’t end with Piper, Keller, or Dever 😉 The only thing is that you must be willing to listen.

Just food for thought.

For further reading, below is a link to the article by Dr. Eric Hankins that is the subject of this video. It was originally published in the Journal of Baptist Theology & Ministry


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14 responses to “There Is a Robust Response to Calvinism (IF You’ll Listen)

  1. Nice thanks for sharing that.

  2. I struggle with the Traditionalist view, as well as all of the others. I admit to finding it intriguing, and probably fall squarely in the middle. This is one of the areas I basically agree.

    • Dr Flowers has a lot of good videos on YouTube. His website is packed with good material. But the big thing is that he’s not overbearing or belittling. Very approachable content. I just want people to know that there are other ways to approach the subject, not just Calvinism/Arminianism.

  3. Ken


  4. Thanks for the great resource. The article and video provide some great insight. I agree that Calvinism presents some troubling theology.


  5. I’m saving this post since I don’t have time to watch the video today… but I am really looking forward to viewing it! Thank you so much for posting this! 🙂

  6. blakelong94

    I say this a Calvinist who wants to find common ground with Non-Calvinists, because I don’t particular like labeling myself, but: I’m not attempting to paint Dr. Flowers in a negative light, because he’s surely a brother in the Lord, but time and time again he has misrepresented Calvinistic teachings.

    • Thank you for your comment, and you are more than welcome to give examples of his misrepresentations. However, from the hours that I have spent watching several of his videos, I have heard him say over and over again how that one must be careful to not place all Calvinist under one monolithic umbrella. He does acknowledge that not every Calvinist believes like every other Calvinist in every particular of that systematic.

      But again, thanks again for the comment. I’m glad you stopped by!

      • blakelong94

        Very true. Not all Calvinists are alike. Some are hyper-Calvinists, which I would not classify as Christian.

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