Chilly Weather Down South

I went out for a drive this morning.

The global warming is killing me.


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14 responses to “Chilly Weather Down South

  1. Even colder here, -30c. Beautiful picture, though!

  2. The Eclectic Contrarian

    I’d like to be getting what you’re getting.. we now have mud falling from the skies…

  3. Beautiful Picture! Sure miss that light dusting of chill. Please be super careful on those roads. No, I am not implying that you are an unsafe driver, but I know that folks down south (at least when I lived in North Carolina) don’t see temps like that often or snow or ice but they think they can drive and end up in gridlock. But sure keep sending those beautiful pictures.

  4. hawk2017

    lol. Me too. Tell the countries that have Haarp to stop messing around. 🙂

  5. Beautiful Frost picture! Glad to share some of our northern weather with you down south. Where we are it will be 70 degrees warmer (to 30 degrees) in 4 days according to the smart person on the TV. We Must be close to Candice in Latitude.

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