God Help You, New York

The governor of New York will answer to God for his vile leadership.

I will stand for the lives of humans – yes, humans – killed (murdered) in the womb.

Those who rejoice at this law are no less pathetic than the guilty mob who cried “Crucify him! Crucify him!”

They shed the most innocent of blood on Calvary. Now the next best thing is to lift up pink lights as they butcher boys and girls.

Yes, I’m angry. But I can’t do anything about it. Only God can.

And He will.





The above portion of this post was written on my iPhone after I read the first of the 3 attached articles. It made me so angry that I had to write something.

Now that I’ve had a few minutes to let things settle in, I’m more emboldened to use this platform to un-apologetically state my opinion on this whole issue – the issue of abortion.

As mentioned in the Intelligencer article above, this new law that Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed was meant to bring New York into the modern era by taking abortion off of the “illegal” list. It was celebrated as a victory for women’s reproductive rights and a slap in the face to President Trump.

“We should not have a federal government that is trying to roll back women’s rights … This administration (of President Donald Trump) defies American evolution.” – Andrew Cuomo

Well, Mr. Cuomo, if this is “evolution,” then I hope I don’t live to see the day when we evolve into even worse animals.

Just this week I became the grandfather to an adopted little girl. Born premature, she weighed less than 4 pounds, but she was every bit a precious little baby as one born full-term weighing 9.5 pounds.

As I sat there in the hospital holding little Emma’s perfectly-formed features, the thought crossed my mind, “How could anyone rip this little girl apart limb by limb?”

That little granddaughter of mine had not even reached full term, the age which a baby is right before coming out of the birth canal, and yet, all because of “women’s health,” she could have been pulled apart like Thanksgiving turkey and used for spare parts by Planned Parenthood, and some of the same people approving of it would protest killing the turkey!

Folks, I am totally, 100% against legalized abortion on demand. Totally, 100% against it!

“But what about the health of the mother?” Yeah, about that. You know that’s nothing more than a season pass to “shouting out your abortion” festivities. “Oh, I might get depressed if I have to become a mother,” the woman might say. In reply the butcher says, “Well, dear child who will fund my next vacation, we wouldn’t want that living, feeling, human being inside you to affect your health, would we?”

People will always have to make choices of life and death, and it’s never going to be easy. Some parent is going to have to choose which child he can save from a sinking automobile while the other drowns. Some husband is going to have to decide on behalf of his comatose wife to sacrifice the baby they had been longing for in order to save the love of his life, and the both will have aching hearts for what had to be done. NEITHER OF THEM would be prosecuted or accused of murder!

But abortion is thinking to yourself as the car sinks, “I can afford to put one through college, but not all three, so….” THAT is MURDER! And YES, I believe it should be prosecuted.

Abortionists should go to jail.

A woman that willfully pays to kill her unborn child for any reason other than to spare her own LIFE (not her bank account or party life), should be prosecuted. Yes, I said it, and I mean it with all my heart.

Yes, I believe Roe v. Wade should be overturned. Period.

I’ve said before, and I say it again: The modern abortion industry is nothing more than a veiled, modern version of Moloch worship. Those who don’t consciously realize the demonic influence behind what they are doing may not recognize the religious similarities, but they are no less participating than the in-name-only Christian who attends church functions and gives to missions.

You may read this and think you have all kinds of arguments to shoot me down. You may want to bring up the “coat hanger” argument and how I want women to die. You’re either an idiot, brainwashed, or have never take the time to think through this while holding a premature baby.

Murder is illegal. People still murder people, even though murder is illegal. Should we change the laws so that back-alley murders would be less gruesome?

Abortion, if done out of convenience, especially the kind that women celebrate and “shout out” while cursing at churches and running nude down the streets, is murder. Yes, I said murder. Killing a human being that isn’t trying to kill you is MURDER. Killing a human being that has not been convicted of a capital crime or treason – and what crime has a baby done except inconvenience somebody – is murder. MURDER!

THAT is why I believe God is going to judge Governor Andrew Cuomo, the ministers who pray blessing over abortion clinics, the state legislators of New York, and Democrats and Republicans who support and promote abortion.

God offers mercy and grace, but only to those who repent. The unrepentant are running New York. God help you.


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32 responses to “God Help You, New York

  1. hawk2017

    I agree with you. We can and will pray for our President and family. I don’t pray for America per se’ as the True believers are now a reminant. I pray for the ‘snatching away’. :*(

  2. Where is the anger button?????

  3. Amen Brother. Our Canadian Federal government passed a law last year making the murder of babies legal until the mother gives birth.
    God cannot stand this, I believe we as a country will be paying for this abomination against the sanctity of life, which God holds sacred, as He is Creator of all life.
    Father, forgive them. They don’t know what they are doing.

  4. I wrote on this issue just this morning. Sometimes I feel as though New York and California have an ongoing competition to see who is more debase.

    In all seriousness, this is a very serious issue. Forget the abortion factor for a moment. What about the parents of an unborn child who are attacked and the child dies as a result. There is now no legal course for them to take. No justice to be served.


  5. inohnothing

    We live in Babylon, but do not have to be of it, praise YHVH. Grieving with you.

  6. The Eclectic Contrarian

    Here’s the thing… where’s the church of Jesus Christ? Why aren’t we as loud as our enemies? Why aren’t we praying, fasting and seeking God for the answer?

    We get mad about these things and say that these people will answer to God about this. But the body of Christ sits back and sulks about it. This is exactly why these things are happening.

    • Let me reply. No, “we” don’t get mad. No, I don’t believe the body of Christ sits back and sulks about it – I believe the majority don’t care. Are we praying and fasting and seeking God for an answer? Many are! But most either don’t care or they’ve fallen prey to the lie that is abortion.

      But to address another point, why aren’t we as loud as our enemies? WE don’t own the loudspeaker.

      And here’s another thing… The majority of the Church has been convinced that it has no right nor God-given responsibility to be politically-active or opinionated. We don’t like the conflict and we tend to think “this world is not my home, I’m only passing through,” so we concede it to the Devil and say, “Let it burn.”

      Just today my wife opined that all my post seem political, and she doesn’t like reading them when they’re political. Even when I try to address things like this, or when I posted a conversation I had with a Muslim about the deity of Christ, she said it was all still in the realm of what’s in the news and political. She wanted me to write more uplifting things. She hated seeing me down, recently. No, she’s not a liberal, but like many Christians, they can only stand the fight for so long. And many are so ill-equipped for the fight that they’d rather leave it to the “professionals.”

      How many Christians would be willing to do what I did today and publicly call abortion “murder”? Not many. And especially in this day and age when a person can receive death threats for wearing a stupid red hat, how many nice Christians want to face the fury of the p***y hat wearing activists?

      But rest assured, I write about it, talk about it, and preach about it. On top of that, I get politically involved and keep myself up on current issues, including abortion, and make sure my vote is cast for the best candidate. I don’t back down from the conflict or avoid sensitive subjects at the dinner table.

      Therefore, and I hope you take no offence, but I, for one, feel I have the right to get mad and say that those who willfully bring about these laws, including the selfish, ignorant, and ambivalent will answer to God.

      • The Eclectic Contrarian

        “The majority of the Church has been convinced that it has no right nor God-given responsibility to be politically-active or opinionated.”


        And please don’t take me as arguing. I’m not! This is just something that I witness all too often. I liken it nra people who blame everyone for the loss of second amendment rights.

      • I appreciate you. If I come across as overly-sensitive at the moment, it’s probably because I am 😉

      • The Eclectic Contrarian

        Brother I completely understand! But I have been trying to tell people for a while now that we as Christians have the answer. It’s just that collectively as a body of Christ, the work isn’t being done. The enemy is calm and coordinated and we’re herding cats.

      • Thanks for your addition. Right on.
        Anger does arise. I am certain Jesus is righteously angry also.
        I trust my anger is righteous.

  7. Thank you Anthony. Murder is murder!!! One of my sisters is married and when she was pregnant with her last child the doctors informed my sister and her husband that they should abort the child because there were chromosomes off and that the baby would be either still born or severely physically or developmentally severely impaired and would never have a normal life. Neither my sister or her husband are conservative in values and are pro abortion and pro choice nor are they believers matter of fact they claim to be “good witches” (another day). HOWEVER, they talked and they decided that they would keep the baby and that irreagardless the child would be cared for. That was 15 years ago… My niece is a beautiful blonde haired 15 year old perfectly normal child. So, if we lived in NY (where we once did) and my sister was facing this my niece Catherine would not be here today is quite personal and when it gets personal like that it makes me angry to God has to show up and bring justice.

  8. Very well said and spot on. This is outrageous. We all have to stand for life and fight the good fight for unborn babies.


  9. This, along with medically assisted suicide, makes us a very sinful society.

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  11. inohnothing

    This may be of interest to you all. We’re in the end of the end or nearing it, I do think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DijAiRaMIBA

  12. Good post brother; I pray NY lawmakers repent and somehow this bill gets repealed or something..

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