Planning for 30,000!

I published my first posts on WordPress back in September of 2009 – all 4 of them. It was not until July of 2010 that I began to post more often.

But what bothers me is that I have yet to reach the 30,000-view mark. As a matter of fact, this year’s stats saw a dramatic drop, even though the number of posts I published were essentially the same (42 less than last year, and 9 more than in 2017).

So, being that this September will be my 10th anniversary with WordPress, it’s about time I break the 30K glass ceiling.

The following are my plans to accomplish the 30,000 mark:

  1. Pray before each post.
  2. Publish posts that are beneficial, not superficial nonsense meant only to score a few views.
  3. Focus on more in-depth series, like the 10-part one I’m about to do based on a sermon outline.
  4. Re-blog (share) posts from other bloggers on a regular basis.
  5. Read and comment more on other sites.
  6. Explore the “tags” and find new people to meet.
  7. Publish more than one post a day, even if the posts are shared posts or quick, encouraging thoughts, memes, or verses.
  8. Make myself available for doing guest posts.
  9. Keep a sense of humor and sanctified sarcasm 😉

If you have any other suggestions, I’d love for you to share them.

Blessings to you all!


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16 responses to “Planning for 30,000!

  1. Running the Race

    The thing I have learned is that interacting with other bloggers regularly is the best thing you can do to attract both readers and followers. Admittedly, this is the one thing I am the worst at mostly because of time.

    That being said, I think praying over posts is an excellent idea. If the post is something God wants people to see, people will see it.

    Good luck getting to 30 k.

  2. There’s some great ideas you mentioned and I like the one about praying the most; I do regularly pray for people on WordPress when there’s requests in the post or comments. But never thought about praying for each post.
    My own personal blogging plan also involves willingness to blog on controversial topic for the Lord. Now there’s two imbalances. I seen some blogs that only drive on attacking others and one blogger admitted to me how a group he was associated only did it because it help generate money with ads viewed. That’s awful. The other extreme is not to write anything that will offend a broad audience. But for me over the years I believe God purified my motivation to write on controversial stuff pastorally; that is, to refute error but largely to equip believers for their own growth, protection, etc. I’ve been surprised at how that led others to share with others to equip them too if we write it with that mood of compassionate hearts and passionate rigorous reasoning.

  3. hawk2017

    I am posting to you via my reader on my site, I am not longer getting the email from Facebook and WordPress. I have tried to find the cause. Perhaps the email from here is not getting to others as well. I to am not for controversy just for its sake. Ty Love in our Jesus Christ.

  4. Great goal Anthony. I think mine is to learn about word press and get at least 100 followers. I still dont know how to use this site or build a better blog, but one step at a time, right?

  5. Excellent plan. Regularity breeds readership too. If people know that at certain tones to expect a certain thing they will look for it

  6. Melissa Zelniker-Presser

    Hey Pastor hope all is well! I’m back writing again.
    Remember it’s the power of touching one soul!!!

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