Praying for the President

Why can’t more Christians be like Pastor Brunson and pray for the President?

How many times do folks like myself have to remind fellow believers that even if you dislike the man, Donald Trump is the President of the United States, and we are therefore instructed to petition God on his behalf, to pray for him when he might not even recognize his needs, and to thank God for him.

Don’t believe me?

First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone, for kings and all those who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. This is good, and it pleases God our Savior, who wants everyone to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. – 1 Timothy 2:1-4 CSB

Notice the “why’s” attached to the above commands:

  • So that we may lead a peaceful and quite life.
    Tell me, how in the world is throwing civility out the window helping things? Is our nation peaceful and tranquil? Heck, no! And why not? Could it be that many Christians are guilty of allowing Satan to use them as tools to stir up strife?
  • So that we lead a quite life of godliness and dignity.
    Oh, tell me, how much godliness is there in forcing people out of restaurants and threatening constant incivility? Where is the dignity in screaming at the sky and clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court?
  • It pleases the Lord.
    Newsflash: Rioting in the streets and burning police cars does not please the Lord. Sending hate mail does not please the Lord. Creating an atmosphere of chaos and incivility – even anarchy – does NOT please the Lord.
  • For the sake of the gospel!
    Yes, we are to pray for our leaders so that we might live peaceable, godly, and dignified lives in order that the good news of Christ might be shared with those for whom Jesus died, and that those for whom He died might be saved.

If that’s not enough, and you can’t think of anything good to say about President Trump, Jesus Himself leaves you with no excuse for the hatred and violence.

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. – Matthew 5:44-45 KJV

Some of you can’t believe that any Christian would support Donald Trump. Frankly, I couldn’t believe that any Christian could support Barack Obama, the man more hostile to the Church than any other president in history.

But I can tell you this without blinking an eye: I prayed for President Obama.

We should be praying for President Trump, too.


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30 responses to “Praying for the President

  1. Wow! Imagine how different our culture would be if we prayed FOR people instead of whining about them!

  2. I agree with the word of God and we should keep the word bedded deep in our hearts and mind and stop being like the world and do better.

  3. This is so true. I don’t particularly like what our Prime Minister is doing in Canada, but I am still obligated to pray for him and his party members in obedience to Christ.

  4. Reblogged this on forging4th and commented:
    Amen and amen As a believer NO MATTER your political affiliation we are CALLED to pray for our leaders and our pastors. So, I am honored that I have the privilege of getting to pray into their lives. May we al take the mandate from 1 Timothy 2:1-4. While I may not agree with some of their actions or stands I do know that God will bless those who pray for our leaders.

  5. Great reminder! Another point that is important to note is that early Christians were encouraged to pray for those in authority even though those same authorities sought to torture and kill them. The Caesars during the first century were not godly, moral men, nor were they friendly to the cause of Christ.

  6. Or better yet…how about we the people realize that Donald Trump is a maniac obsessed with his own glory and matches every biblical description of the antichrist beast. Just a thought. Every single one of those popes rabbis and muslims who lay hands on the beast are complete heretics. There is ONE way. ONE truth. ONE life. JESUS CHRIST.

    • Every biblical description? Really? It’s up to you to be a Trump hater, but the anti-Christ beast part is a wee bit extreme, I’d say.

      • I do not hate Trump. I abhor what is evil and cleave to what is good. And yes this is an extreme statement. Donald Trump has told the country he lives his life without mistakes therefore not having to ask forgiveness from God. It is up to me to preach the Gospel. Not hate anyone or involve myself in such political affairs. A soldier does not entangle in civilian matters. Just chiming in on wordpress. Peace to you bro.

      • Hey, thanks for reading and commenting. Not going to complain. ❤️

      • Donald, I just went to your blog and read “What is the true purpose of life in the world at this time,” It’s not my habit to go to other people’s blogs and leave negative comments, so I’ll just say here that I honestly don’t understand where you find basis for several of your statements in Scripture. I’m not writing this comment to argue with you, but I am wondering, based on what you believe, why you would bother reading my posts? I mean, seriously, we have some very different views on eschatology and the fate of Solomon. But, hey, if you find it beneficial to visit here, then I’m more than happy to have you.

      • Anthony; you can critique my blog. I put it on the internet with a comment section. That grannie was a worker of iniquity and that is why I was tough with her.

        Sir, Solomon died with hundreds of pagan wives and sluts whom he built idol altars to their gods. Nobody is saved on their deathbed. This is a Christian fantasy.

        God is not mocked, a man reaps with he soweth. Galatians. Jesus Christ told us we would be judged by our words & actions. Every idle one.

        Scary. But thanks be to Jehovah for giving his only begotten Sunne as our righteousness.

      • Donald, I think it’s unfortunate that you consider that lady a “worker of iniquity.” Reading the conversation between you two, it seemed that much of your anger was the result of it actually being a woman disagreeing with you, despite what she actually believed. I’ve known a lot of “spiritual” men who find it very offensive to be corrected by a woman, claiming it’s not their place to do so, but to be “quiet” in the church. But the blogosphere is not “in the church,” and a woman has every right to speak or write the truth.

        Now, as to Solomon, we have two books in the Bible that are inspired by the Holy Spirit (or else they would not be considered part of the canon of Scripture). If Solomon had not been inspired by God to write Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, we would not be reading them, today. That, alone, should be reason to question your absolute assertion that Solomon is burning in hell as we speak.

        Secondly, the whole book of Ecclesiastes is meant to show us (and it was written by “the Preacher” – Solomon) that one can try everything under the sun, but it’s all vanity without God. Had Solomon bragged about his life in such a way that encouraged others to engage in similar sinful practices, then that would be one thing; yet, after all is said, Solomon concludes with words that describe his final conclusion:

        Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher; all [is] vanity. … Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this [is] the whole [duty] of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether [it be] good, or whether [it be] evil. – Ecclesiastes 12:8, 13-14 KJV

        Now, we do read in 1 Kings 11 how that Solomon worshiped other gods because of the influence of his wives. This was a horrible way to end a life so used by God. And, it is true that God split up the kingdom of Solomon after his death as punishment for his disobedience. Yet, we don’t know all that went on in Solomon’s heart, and this was at a time before the cross. Therefore, if Scripture doesn’t plainly say that Solomon was condemned to hell, we would be way out of line to make that assumption. After all, God is merciful and willing that none should perish.

        Did the prophet Jonah go to hell? The last we heard about him was when he was angry with God for not killing everybody, and he even wanted to commit suicide! So, maybe we should just leave these things in the hands of the only one who can see the heart of man?

      • Woman have no place barging in attempting to dominate men. That Grannie insisted on dispensing false care bear doctrine on my page repeatedly. You saw but a snipit of the exchange between that harlot and I. I had to delete much.

        Yes. God uses heretics. Even Saul prophesied. Thou shall have no other gods before me. Even the author of such wisdom didn’t adhere to his own advice. Do not go near the strange woman with perfumed sheets and trinkets on her ankles.

        For a dude attempting to escape legalism you are very legalistic.

        God is not mocked. Solomon died a devil worshiping fornicating idolators. If God spared not the angels that sinned… what makes you think this rich man fared better? Luke 16.

        We agree to disagree, bro. No biggie. If we are both born again and remain faithful to Christ; all truth shall be revealed.

        The Bible tells women to honor their husband, take care of the home, dress modestly and have babies. Period. Eve sinned first and continues to.

      • First, I literally had to drop what I was doing to LOL. Where in the world do you figure I’m “very legalistic”? You and I must not be reading the same dictionary.

        Secondly, even though I did not read all the conversations between you and the heretic grannie, I’ve got a feeling you’ve got a low view of women as both individuals and a group. Your above words are akin to the “barefoot and pregnant” philosophy that degrades “Eve” and glorifies “Adam.” For the record, I am a solid complementarian, NOT an egalitarian. Therefore, don’t think I would endorse the fluid interchanging of roles. However, both the Proverbs 31 woman and Lydia in the New Testament would both be interested in talking with you 😉

        But, like you said, we disagree. However, I more concerned with several other things you wrote that leads me to believe the Bible isn’t your only source of authority. If that’s the case, then what we disagree on IS a biggie.

      • Ha! Solid Complementarian? As compared to fluid or gaseous? Egalitarian? Extremely religious, brother. I do not speak such terms of man’s doctrine. Very legalistic. The Pharisees divided into different religious doctrines the very same manner.

        Do not beat around the bush? A book and paper is not my authority. I bow before Jesus Christ and am covered in his blood. I recognize legalists, workers of inquity, and maggot filled whores like Grannie with the rotten apple.

        Holler at me when you find the Proverbs 31 woman, bud. I would love to meet her and treat her with great respect. (no sarcasm) I have a very low view of humanity. I do not know if you are aware of this but a vampiric pedophile cult has taken over the world.

        I truly believe we are in the last days and I am not here to shut up women or hog any Glory. There is plenty to be had. The harvest in plenty. The laborers few.

      • Well, I don’t expect you’ll be gathering much of a harvest. And, based on your view of Scripture (book and paper?), I seriously doubt your serving the same Jesus.

      • Well sir you may doubt, expect, and speculate. Yahuah alone is my judge. I will agree on the fact that many different Jesus are being preached.

      • I stay in my KJV, sir. The Word of God is infallible. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. I am born again and a working disciple in the harvest fields. As for the jab at my authority, I do not speak in riddles so say things plainly por favor. My name is John. I preach the Gospel and kill pedophiles.

      • I responded before I saw this comment. But as to what I meant by “authority“ is that you talked about things that are not mentioned in the Bible.

        As to killing pedophiles, ?

      • Anthony, keep in mind the “Bible” is 2 feet thick on continuous parchment scroll written in ancient languages with no numbering.

  7. Reblogged this on a simple man of God and commented:

    I typically avoid discussing politics too much, but this is one aspect which should be discussed.
    Head on over to Anthony’s site and read around a bit. Sure, sometimes he gets going on a rant, but it is his blog! This entry, however, should be something that we as Christians agree on.


  8. Running the Race

    Excellent reminder Anthony

  9. Bro, I just realized how far off topic we have both strayed…

    God Bless You in Jesus name. I wish you peace and favor, wisdom upon your spiritual walk with Christ. I will continue to follow.

  10. SO TRUE. Great word man! If you’re ever looking to guest post, feel free to check out – No pressure though. Keep up the good work here!

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