If Trump Was Who They Claim

Before I get going on the list of things I need to do for this Saturday, including things like hang curtains, record a sermon for tomorrow’s radio broadcast, deliver cookies to every house on our “street of the week,” work on tomorrow’s sermon, and brush my teeth… I want to pen/type down a thought that’s been on my mind for a few days.

Photo credit: Pinterest

What if President Donald Trump was really the Hitler-esque dictator many on the left claim he is? What if he truly was as horrible of a man as the one who started the whole “Heil [Me]!” thing?

Oh, do you think I’m making this up? Do you think my accusation that the left wants to compare Trump to Hitler is hyperbole? Do this: google “Trump like Hitler,” then click on “images” in the toolbar. That should prove my point. The image to the right came from Pinterest.

Nevertheless, what if Trump was really like Hitler? How would things be different?

  • Instead of separating families at the border and keeping them in facilities with bedding, air-conditioning, and food, they’d all be killed at the border. Shot. Lined up, if caught, and mowed down like grass – children and all.
  • Every reporter from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and the long list of newspapers, blogs, and television talks shows would be arrested, along with their families, taken to holding facilities, then eventually gassed, burned, worked to death, or just hanged or shot. No freedom of the press. No heckling Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
  • No Hollywood celebrities would have the freedom to curse the President in public or express how they’ve thought about burning down the White House (Madonna) and live to see the next day.
  • Every person of color (because Trump is supposed to be racist) would have all their possessions confiscated, themselves arrested, and they would be systematically eliminated in the most efficient ways modern technology would allow. No more uprisings…no more calls for the secession of Texas and California…no more marches… All would just be sent to the furnaces. Whole cities like Detroit and Baltimore would be ghost towns, just like all those little villages in Poland.
  • Same-sex marriage? Yeah, right. Remember, not only did Hitler attempt to eradicate the Jews, he had homosexuals put into concentration camps, too. No more parades in San Fransisco.
  • Religious freedom? Nope, none of that either. Not unless you worshipped Trump (of course you could worship God, but He would have to become a lesser god who also supported Trump). Anti-Nazi ministers were arrested, imprisoned, and killed, no matter their religion.
  • There would be no Americans with Disabilities Act, that’s for sure. Hitler called for the elimination of all handicapped persons, too. As a matter of fact, they were often used as guinea pigs for medical and science experiments. If Trump was Hitler, there would be no more need for Shriner’s hospitals, the March of Dimes, or any colored ribbon supporting any disability.
  • Essentially, those who say they live in fear of Trump would know a terror like they’ve never experienced.
  • Russian collusion? Hitler would do that? And make peace with North Korea? By now he would have nuked their butts and been done with it.
  • And here’s a really funny one… Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem – like THAT would have been a Hitler-like move.
  • Oh, and all that taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem stuff? Are you serious?

My point is this, folks: Donald Trump is not Adolph Hitler. Grow up.

This has been my politically-incorrect vent of the month … or quarter … or whatever.


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2 responses to “If Trump Was Who They Claim

  1. Actually, if they actually thought President Trump was close to Hitler, most of the domestic things wouldn’t happen as much as you portray because the Left and the media would be either silent or praising him…because they know that they suffer for their #resistance. Remember, the Left has little to no courage when it comes to risking harm to themselves.

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