Score One For The Atheists…

When you don’t know your Bible, the arguments of those who hate it appear far more believable. The following article from Insanity Bytes should sting the conscience of many.

See, there's this thing called biology...

atheistYep, I’m going to grant them a point with this little meme. Congratulations, evangelizing atheists, you scored a hit! You totally sunk my battleship.

Just keep in mind that while the Titanic is so melodramatically sinking, I actually have Someone to sing praises to while the violins play and people are busy rearranging deck chairs….

So, the Christians are completely without excuse here, too. People actually died, they gave their very lives so that everyday, ordinary people in the modern world, could have free, unrestricted  access to bibles of their very own.

There are many versions available, too. I prefer the KJV…..but I also kind of enjoy the Passion Bible, too. Regardless, they all pretty much capture the same concepts, although some are better than others. If you can’t really read, you can actually have the bible read to you by this guy with a wonderful Scottish brogue. I kid…

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