Were You Spiritually Attacked?

Have you ever stopped to wonder whether or not you were under spiritual attack? Have you ever stopped to wonder what a spiritual attack actually is?

Let’s think about it for a moment.

We humans are made up of both spirit and flesh, and it is well understood that the flesh wars against the spirit. Sometimes a spiritual attack can come from our own fleshly desires; it doesn’t have to be from outside influences.

I believe there is an Enemy who wants to destroy our souls and thwart any effort to build the Kingdom of God. Certainly, any effort on his part would be considered a spiritual attack, no matter from which direction it comes. However, much of what wars against our spirit comes from the selfish desires we often refuse to battle.

The apostle Paul said that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, but don’t let that statement for you. The flesh is weak when it comes to temptation, yet when it is the tempter it can be very, very strong.

Too often we give Satan and his minions far more credit than they deserve. More often than not the most dangerous enemy to our spirit is our own flesh. If you don’t believe me, then why else would we need to crucify it daily?

Focus on building up your spirit through prayer, faith, and obedience to Christ’s commands. Then remember that you put on the whole armor of God, not only to wage war against the Prince of Darkness, but also the petty, whining, selfish, lustful, envious flesh in which you reside.

You’re under more spiritual attack than you realize.


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11 responses to “Were You Spiritually Attacked?

  1. Angie Reinecke

    This post brought to mind “The Screwtape Letters”. It’s one of my favorite books. I think I will read it again.

    You, your family and church family are in my prayers.

  2. Does your car’s oil suddenly draining out of your car count? Just happened this morning.

  3. @Daniel. Get ready. The very instant you try to do something for the Lord, the attacks will come.

    @Anthony. Does suddenly having to do both MY job and my bosses job the week of VBS when I have a class of 15 5th and 6th graders count? I am thinking so.

  4. Amen we have be aware and pray without ceasing , this battle is serious! Have a great day Pastor Baker ….

  5. The Isaiah 53:5 Project

    “Comes from the selfish desires of the flesh refusing to do battle.” Yes indeed, that is a problem for most of us.

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