Should Virtual Church Be A Thing?

I just want to do a quick survey by asking you guys a quick question.

What are your thoughts with regards to “virtual church”?

Try not to be overly-critical with your answers, if possible; I understand that there’s no real replacement for gathering together corporately in worship. However, can you see a place where a church’s website can not only meet the needs of a local context, but also be a means to minister to those either outside the community or otherwise incapable of attending services on site?

If you have suggestions on how it could be used in a positive way without necessarily devaluing the command to “forsake not the assembling of ourselves together,” please let me know.

Feel free to respond by leaving a comment.

Thanks 🙂



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11 responses to “Should Virtual Church Be A Thing?

  1. A former classmate and I almost started a virtual church. I was teaching in special education, and his nephew is severely disabled. We understood parents oftentimes cannot get out of the house, even for church.
    Part of our plan was to allow membership, and have open forums for members to discuss the weekly message, have discussion groups (like bible studies, but through the website, and that could be moderated), and request home visits from the pastors (both privately and within forums).

  2. Patti

    There are many people that are either unable or unwilling (that doesn’t necessarily mean unwilling out of stubbornness or rebellion) that would, in my opinion, benefit a great deal. I say this from experience as I was saved under Billy Graham’s website. I would imagine that there are hundreds of “me’s” out there.

  3. I think it is a great idea and highly encourage it. I’ve done some research on it and have helped a few ministries grow in their capabilities. I highly encourage it.

    Here is some of what I have published it it is helpful. I have more I haven’t published yet. 😦

  4. Well, of course, I believe that the church is always a local, called out assembly of believers covenanted together to perform the Great Commission. Having said that, we would be foolish to dismiss the power and effectiveness of online/virtual fellowship and teaching. I stand firm on the knowledge that my ministry here is as real as any, and I bet most here would. I also know from experience that online outreach from within a local church can be great. Many of my regular readers are members with me in our body. When we put our services online, it was very well received, and as soon as we get new camera equipment(soon, I hope!) We will be back in that business. I even hope to do video teaching someday in the future. Having said all THAT, I would not personally use the term “church,” for it as I am not quite sure it meets what I believed a church is. But, hey, I could be wrong!

  5. My father was bedridden and house bound for many years. Radio broadcasts were his saving grace… and he ministered as part of the telephone prayer chain for our church. I think he would have loved a virtual church… there are many like him who would benefit. 🙂

  6. Having been able to listen to podcasts and videos of my church have been very helpful to me when I have been recovering from things. While noting is close to community worship and corporate worship and the encouragement of the saints. In times of like health issues or even hurricane or snowstorms the virtual church can be a way to reach the masses.

  7. I am late in writing, but rather than say all things above repeatedly, I agree with the other comments.
    A good thought Pastor.

  8. Angie Reinecke

    Sounds wonderful! If the Lord uses you in this capacity, I personally would benefit.

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