One Week After FBC Sutherland Springs, Will You Go to Church?

From my Facebook page this morning…

One week ago nearly half a congregation was murdered in church. Sadly, it won’t take a terrorist to scare people away, today – just the weather, the hard pew, or the encouragement to worship a God other than self. Frankly, any excuse will do. But I guarantee you one thing, I’d rather stand before the Lord one day as one of those in Texas than one who died peacefully while shunning the very commandment of God to “forsake not the assembling of yourselves together…”

Remember how your parents or grandparents used to tell you to clean your plate or eat your vegetables because there are starving children somewhere who would love to have what you’re eating? Well, there are millions who would love to have the freedom you enjoy to worship in a church without fear of being arrested, bombed, burned, beheaded, or shot by their own government. To waste the blessing you’ve been given is to dishonor all those who’d give their lives for what you care so little about…

And, frankly, it won’t go unnoticed when we all stand before the Savior and give an account, either.

Pastor Jacques Houeto in the middle of his burned-out church in 2015.


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5 responses to “One Week After FBC Sutherland Springs, Will You Go to Church?

  1. Hi Anthony,
    For sure believers and especially church leaders should not overreact by making church a fortified and armed fortress. I read somewhere that many people who attended this church were related to each other. This creates a dynamic of hierarchy over other family members using the name of God as the authority to rule. That may have been the case in this church. Which means that all churches and Christians are in danger.
    I find it interesting that the government has a database. Are they waiting until they have more public support to put pressure on churches? Governments are not protecting the peaceful people of the world right now. They are protecting the violent and allowing their violence to continue.

    We’re in a shakeup in North America and in Europe. Country leaders are obviously complicit. We’re heading into a new world order of things. We have too much privilege according to many, and too much land that is not being shared with others. I hear in Australia the immigrants there are now asking to have their own land and country within Australia. Here in Canada the government is trying to tax family farms and small business in order to prevent the passing on of land and assets without cost to heirs. A recent article in the newspaper by a local government official questioned why the government would do this knowing that it would be very detrimental to the family farm. This tells us something. The government here has said “this is going to happen, get used to it”, as stated by federal finance minister Bill Morneau.

    We really need the counsel of the Lord at this time. Hopefully some church leaders can provide this adequately. Believers do not have to gather in a church building, and I think we need to realize this. The world is changing, church is changing. Someone at work said to me recently, “things are changing, get used to it”.

  2. I made an error in typing in my first comment.
    Which means that not all churches and believers are in danger. This tragedy may be more of a ‘one off’. I can imagine the problems if the ‘matriarch’ was ruling the roost and the family members as she saw fit.

    • I would respond that, actually, we have an enemy who is seeking whom he may destroy and devour. Since 1999 over 700 people have died in American churches and faith-based properties. Satan hates the church, wherever it meets. We’ve just been fortunate in the society in which we live. That is changing, even if gradually.

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