Cold as Hell?

The other morning it was a brisk and refreshing 55 degrees on my school bus. I had not yet turned on the heaters before picking up one group of students, and that’s when one highly-intelligent, highly-literate teenage girl said,

“Damn! Turn on the heat! It’s cold as hell!”

I took no time in responding, “You know, I think hell is a little hotter than this.”

Here’s what I’m going to start doing. Every time someone uses Hell as a descriptive adjective, I’m going to consider it an open invitation to share the gospel. When someone says “cold as hell” or “hot as hell” I’m going to say something like:

“You know, it’s funny that you should say that, because from what I’ve read, specifically from those who’ve actually been there or seen it, Hell is much, much worse than you’re describing…and I’m glad I won’t have to go there! You want to know why?”

There are also those who commonly use the descriptive of “funny as hell.” To those I will reply:

“You know, what’s really funny is that something could be ‘funny as hell,’ because from what I’ve heard Hell isn’t funny at all. Do you actually believe in hell?”

Honestly, if we really want to share the gospel with people, we can find the opportunities.


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6 responses to “Cold as Hell?

  1. Ha! Well done. When people curse around here, I’ve taken to saying “Amen, He’s my Lord and Savior.” Our church reader board just put up, “if you’re going to curse, use your own name,” so we’re all on the same page here. 🙂

  2. The Sister Christian

    Great response! I think that’s a great way to start the conversation. I will be more aware of these invitations from now on.

  3. Good lesson, Anthony. WIll have to put it into practice.

  4. I think of cold not as something, but the absence of something; warmth. So a world void of the love and warmth of God would be an unbearably cold, empty, and desolate place, and extreme cold burns. Perhaps that is why we say we are on fire for Jesus, and only Jesus can fill the void. Thank you, this is a very good idea to use a persons throw away words to start a conversation, because for me, starting is the hardest part.

  5. You will have ample opportunity, I’m sure!!! I remember once when someone said, “Jesus Christ” as an expletive, and I asked, “Are you talking with the Lord? He’s already here” or something to that effect. Sometimes, words just hurt, though, and I forget it’s an opportunity to share the Good News. Hopefully, your post will remind me to share God’s love, instead of taking hurtful or negative words to heart! Thank you.

  6. I live in AZ and the summers here can be over 115 degrees many days above 110. I often say something similar to that “if this place is any where near as hot as hell I am sure glad that I know a way out of it and then I will ask would you like to know how?” Usually, I get told something like yeah you go inside to where it is 80 and I will generally say yes and then some more explaining. I hope that your sharing the good news will help others as well.

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