Phonetic Fabrication Friday


What I am: homeopathiphobic. I’d rather trust an over-the-counter medication purchased in a pharmacy than a dark fluid or crushed-up herb prepared by a paranoid mother of ten named Luna.


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6 responses to “Phonetic Fabrication Friday

  1. All I can say is that I was raised on homeopathic remedies and natural cures and do not take antibiotics or pain killers. I take high quality vitamins and supplements daily and watch my diet. Currently at age 64 I take no medication, have never been in the hospital (except for the emergency room for a kidney stone) and all my friends who have taken the drug route their entire lives have a medicine cabinet full of the stuff and spend much of their time going to the doctor. I have not seen a doctor in fifteen years! lol

  2. As long as chocolate is still considered good for me…it does make me happy!

  3. Come on Baker, what do you have against “eye of newt”?

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