Have I “Gone Pentecostal?”

I love you guys, and I thank you so much for reading my blog. No joke. That is why I am taking just a moment to give you a little update.

First, I have been publishing guests posts by David Fuller as part of an attempt to bring “speaking in tongues” to the floor for honest examination and debate. However, unlike what some have begun to assume, David Fuller and I don’t see eye-to-eye on this subject. No joke, a personal friend, Paul Norman Judd, sent a note to me on Messenger that read: “Good morning Anthony. Are you turning Pentecostal on us?”

No, Mr. Judd, I’m not (and I will likewise submit an “lol”). However, I would say I’m a bit more gracious on the subject than some. It’s not like I consider those who speak in tongues to be akin to unregenerate heathen, or something. Some people think that way, you know – I used to.

So, I have in the works a response to Mr. Fuller’s post, but it is something with which I am taking a little more time. You see, this is a very sensitive subject, and I cherish the friendships I have, and that is why I desire to choose my words and arguments so not to offend.

Secondly, it is possible that I might have had a response to the latest “Got Glossolalia” post from David Fuller, but my dear wife has been sick for the last 2+ weeks, and nothing that has been prescribed has made a difference. It has now gotten to the point that her potassium levels are dangerously low, and that has me very concerned. I would appreciate your prayers for her and the doctors as they search for a reason.

I must admit that I am a little selfish…my 50th birthday is this Sunday, and I want my wife with me in church and at the fellowship (church word for party) afterwards.

And if you think praying in tongues will make a difference, then you go right ahead 😉

All I ask is that you make your requests and petitions known to the One who never wastes a tear.

– Anthony


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17 responses to “Have I “Gone Pentecostal?”

  1. I’m so sorry. Praying for your wife, for the Lord to pour His healing upon her. Praying too that she gets to join you for your birthday celebration. Happy birthday!

  2. praying for your wife mate. Hugs.

  3. I’ll be praying your birthday is perfect, maybe I already have…May He glorify Himself in your troubles, Anthony.

  4. Praying for Valerie, you and the girls Anthony. And wishing you a splendid 50th Birthday this Sunday. God bless. David

    PS. I have really appreciated the posts by David Fuller.

  5. I’m sorry to hear this news my new friend , I pray that the Lord our God goes into that hospital room and touch Ms. Valerie from the top of her head to the soles of her feet making whatever is wrong right , replenish her body with the nutrients she needs so badly , praying against this in the Powerful Name of Jesus!!! Heal her and make her whole again .
    Have a Happy and Blessed Birthday !!!

  6. Anthony, praying for you and your wife. I’m convinced that we will all be speaking in an unknown language (or Hebrew) when we spend eternity together. Haven’t had a chance to read David’s last post as we are traveling, but the title of this post from you got my attention. Luv ya, man.

  7. ChristianPathShare

    Happy Birthday, I’ll be 52 on Sunday! I will definitely be sending prayers for you and your wife. Please keep up on this illness and it seems to be going around my area as well, some sort of crazy infection that in some cases doesn’t present itself as such. It’s a bit scary but have faith. If you would like further details please go to the contact section of my blog. It may be a start point to share with the doctors.

    Be well, always.

  8. Praying for your wife’s healing and that this will be a blessed 50th birthday for you.

  9. Happy upcoming birthday and prayers for Valerie!

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