An Open Letter to Preachers

In honor of my late father, Terry L. Baker, the most influential preacher in my life, I dedicate this post on the 26th anniversary of his home-going.

My dad always told me, “Never go to the pulpit unless you’re mad, sad, or glad.” So, in that spirit, I would encourage you men to consider the Story you’re telling and the Message you’re sharing…if anything, it should stir you with some sort of emotion. Then, as your heart is stirred, may the cup of your emotion overflow, spilling onto your congregation as you preach with a passion and persuasion only the Holy Spirit can give.

Dear Fellow Preachers,

I’ve said most of this before, but it needs to be repeated again, and again, and again. Now’s the time – it’s actually past time – for some honest-to-goodness, strong-as-steel, George S. Patton and John Wayne-like BACKBONE!

Stand in the gap! Don’t be a politically motivated, crowd-pleasing, purse string-fearing wimp! PREACH THE WORD!

Gentlemen, more than ever what we need now are some Elijahs, some John the Baptists, another John Knox or two, and even some old-school Billy Grahams. We need more men of God who know the difference between the Word of God and a motivational speech! We need men who aren’t afraid to point a finger at sin and call it what it is…SIN!

Don’t try to be popular. Don’t try to be “cool” and “hip” with the younger generations. Quit fighting over the styles of worship if your congregation doesn’t even know HOW to worship! Forget trying to become more “seeker-friendly,” and just SEEK THE LOST! The world is going to Hell and we are greasing the skids.

Be real. Be humble. Be yourself. Love your enemies. But for the love of God, pastors and preachers, “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong” (1 Corinthians 16:13). In other words… take off the liberal mom jeans and put on some prophet-worthy overalls and get to work!

Don’t blame the people in the pews for falling asleep…PREACH!

Don’t worry if there could be people in your congregations recording what you say…PREACH!

The Enemy would love to intimidate you; cause you to fear the press, the government, or even some bitter old gossip that complains about everything. Here’s what you need to do – PREACH!

It doesn’t matter how you feel, you’ve got a job to do, one with eternal ramifications – PREACH!

The Word of God is what has the power to change lives, restore hope, and whip the Devil – exposit it, explain it, exalt it!

You’ve got the pulpit, so use it!




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30 responses to “An Open Letter to Preachers

  1. Melissa Presser, Lover of Jesus

    You need to come preach at my church!!!

  2. I love this post. Preach it brother.

  3. I admit, when a preacher calls out a sin that I struggle with it is uncomfortable. However, it is what I need to hear. I can’t grow in Christ if I am not challenged to forsake my sin. I prefer a preacher that teaches the Bible.

  4. All I have is a metal podium in a classroom, but I’ll still try to bear this in mind!

  5. Your dear father must have gone home when he was young. What a wonderful legacy he left you and your family!!!!!!!

  6. Amen and amen. Praise God Almighty for your ministry and may Chattanooga’s pastors be stirred. We have had the National Day of Prayer and Franklin Graham chastise the Church prior to speaking to the lost. Don’t let the momentum come to an abrupt halt. It is also time for the congregation to follow the pastor’s instructions: scatter the seed and prepare for a harvest!

  7. That put fire in my bones.

  8. Amen!! Thank Brother, keep on Preaching.

  9. Reblogged this on thotsfromgeorge and commented:
    Thank you very much for this. Shared with Facebook friends, and reblogged.
    God’s Blessings!!

  10. Reblogged this on Dorissa Vanover and commented:
    Excellent and always timely message – from Anthony Baker at the Recovering Legalist

  11. Just saw this – reblogged and liked – the truthful Good News never gets old!

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  13. Thanks a lot sir. I’m really inspired! I’m a young guy who has the passion to preach the word of God.

  14. Praise God that I attend a church where my pastor does this.

  15. Thanks for this piece

  16. ChristianPathShare

    Is there a way to hear you preach online? I would love to hear one of your sermons.

    Be well my friend, always.

    • Have you checked out my sermon archive page? It’s a little dated (and I was worn out towards the end of my last pastorate), but there’s still some good sermons on there. I’d recommend the one about Moses πŸ™‚

  17. ChristianPathShare

    I admit I haven’t. Unfortunately, I don’t have as much time to explore as I would like. Some days I barely have time to look through my favorite blogs, yes yours is a favorite. Today feels like a good day to hear a sermon after reading a few scriptures though.

    Thank you! Be well, always.

  18. ChristianPathShare

    What a wonderful sermon! Thank you for leading me there, it has taken away a few doubts that I had about being “qualified” to share my faith with others. May I share it on my blog? You never know who else it may help today and I am sure there is a reason why today of all days, at this moment everything led here.

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