How Are You Interpreting It?

“Evidence is only as good as one’s presuppositions. A man who believes there is a Watchmaker could be convinced with the simplest timepiece found by the sea. But one who refuses to believe in a Watchmaker could trip over a million Rolex’s lying scattered on the sand, yet deny the golden evidence being defaced beneath his feat.” – A. Baker


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6 responses to “How Are You Interpreting It?

  1. ColorStorm


    But heck, even a dozen old Timexes should do the trick. 😉

  2. Hubby went to college a bit late, in his 30s. As a strong Christian in a liberal college, he knew his grades would be affected by his conservative views. His best paper used this example to promote his faith. He got an A for the course and the respect from that prof was turned around. His Holy boldness increased and he graduated with honors! Praise God!

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