Take Me To Your Leader

Today, on Presidents Day, many people across America took to the streets in protest, not celebration. With banners raised and voices lifted (or visa versa), the disappointed citizens, non-citizens, voters, and even non-voters (i.e., those who should just shut up and keep out of it) spewed out the following phrase:

“Not my president!”

Yes, in cities across the land the very same people who say they care about America, yet claim it was “never great” and are convinced the Russians have damaged our democracy, are marching around proclaiming themselves leaderless after a fair election. 

What would these protesters have said if a bunch of Republicans had said the same thing about Obama? I was deeply disappointed when he was elected, but I respected the result. The rule of law, you see, even extends to accepting duly-elected leaders, even when we don’t like them or their policies. Had we protested Obama the same way these today have protested President Trump, we would have been labeled both un-American and racist. Heck, I was labeled a racist for just not voting for the man! 

Yet, here we have a bunch of people who are boldly proclaiming that Trump is not their president, and that they will not submit to any of his policies. Are they racists, or just un-American? Because, as I see it, unless we were invaded by hostiles and forced to accept regime change, even a new constitution, the man in the White House right now is my leader. 

So, here’s my question: If the President of the United Stated of America is not your president, who is? Obviously you are not American, because ours has been elected. 


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8 responses to “Take Me To Your Leader

  1. “…non-voters (i.e., those who should just shut up and keep out of it)” I like that. Evidently, there were protests when Obama was elected, similarly virulent, but I doubt they were on the same quantifiable scale as this election. I wonder if viewers will eventually get tired of performers using their entertainment platform for political statements?

    • Yes, there were protesters, but nothing even in the same universe as this.

      • Kevin

        The treatment of Obama was horrendous and debatebly worse overall. Nonetheless, Trump is The President. Had folks, possibly yourself, vehemently condemned the treatment of Obama then maybe the treatment of Trump would be less severe! It isn’t too late to condemn the double standard whenever it occurs but I leave that to you!

      • Kevin, I appreciate your comment, but I’m having a hard time with your assertion. If nothing else, the press was unshakable in their devotion to Obama. I mean, can you imagine Chris Matthews saying he got a “chill” up his leg for Trump? I don’t remember the riots and looting take place 8 years ago. And we’ve only just begun.

  2. God post! You left out the ones who are getting paid to unAmerican.

  3. I agree, even though I’m not American. I’m neither for or against him, but in our house we are praying for him daily.

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