Escapist or Expectant?

As I was lying in bed this morning, shivering in the cold – the house is like a dadgum freezer – I proceeded to do an mental inventory. No, it wasn’t an inventory of all the things that need to be organized and packed for our upcoming move in a few days. I wasn’t even thinking about all the bills that need to be paid with money we don’t have (that’s a growing list too depressing to think about). Actually, it was a mental inventory of pain. 

It’s the last day of 2016 – this is the last post of the year – and with every day that passes I’m acquiring a new pain. As I lay there covered up, not wanting to get out of bed, I came to the realization that there was not one part of my body that didn’t hurt – literally. 

I’m not yet fifty years old, but I hurt from head to toe. Seriously, I’m looking forward to that “new body” the Bible says I’ll have one day. Maybe that is why I’m not as critical as I used to be of certain hymnals that have more songs about heaven than other, more weighty themes. Maybe it’s because I wake up and go to sleep with pain that I look forward heaven a little more than my younger, healthier theologians. 

One of the criticisms leveled at Christians is that we are “escapists” (i.e., those who care more about escaping this world than saving it). Sometimes we are accused of being so “heavenly-minded” that we’re no earthly good, all because we believe there’s a place to go after the cares of this life are over. Well, I’ve got news for everybody: I’m ready to go!!

No, I don’t want to die. No, I don’t want to give up on reaching the lost in order to selfishly escape to paradise. However, with each new day that passes by…with every New Year’s celebration that comes and goes…I’m that much closer to my faith becoming sight. …And no more pain. 

No, I don’t want to escape, but my expectations are pretty high. I’m looking forward to what God has in store for those who love Him… and believe it or not, that includes 2017. 

Happy New Year, my friends! 


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4 responses to “Escapist or Expectant?

  1. Hope Wingo

    Happy New Year, Anthony. May the Lord come through for you in a big way this coming year!

  2. Wait for me, brother. I’m ready to go too! For now I will run the race, pain and all, and keep my eyes on the goal! May the Lord bless every inch of you!

  3. Hi Anthony,
    I watched a you-tube video today. The guest was predicting a possible 30% to 70% lower standard of living in USA (and Canada) when the financial collapse occurs that is being predicted by many economists. If this is anywhere near the truth it is disastrous. I was without work for several months last year. I had some savings that paid my bills until September when I found work again. I can’t imagine trying to live with 30% less than I make now. I would have to let most of my medical insurance go. I might have to give up my car and try to find some kind of work closer to home. I live a conservative and modest lifestyle by most people’s standards here in Canada. I am also close to retirement age. I will have to keep working if I can.
    Things are changing. This might be a good time for you and your family to assess things and make decisions about what you will do.

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