How Thankful Are You?

Walking down the streets of Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe, I came across a few middle school-aged boys playing with toy cars and trucks. What made it so unusual was the toys they were playing with.

But I’ll get to that in a moment… keep reading.

If you will remember, Zimbabwe has between 8o% to 90% unemployment. Did you get that? Between 8 and 9 out of every 10 people are without a job. Do you have job? ANY kind of job? Well, then, you should be thankful, even if you can’t stand what you do.

But here’s another question… Do you play with toys you didn’t have to make yourself? Oh, sure, many of you are grown up big people and don’t play with toys, right? Yeah, I get it. But do you?

Right now there are probably some things you wish you had, but all you have right now is last year’s model. You are jealous of your neighbor and their new car, truck, or house. Your friend got a new smart phone. You feel like God has treated you unfairly because you can’t have what you REALLY want. Am I close?

Why not enjoy and be thankful for what you have? Frankly, most of the “problems” we have are what we call “first world problems.” What does that mean? It means that most of what you and I complain about are only the kind of problems the rich and spoiled of the “first world” countries can have.

Yes, we are spoiled brats when we complain about not having the newest iPhone, the new car, the newest video game, the next generation Glock, etc.

You see, here’s the thing… If you don’t have to make your own “toys,” you’re blessed way more than you deserve. And “blessed” might not be the best choice of words.

Below are some pictures of boys playing with the cars and trucks THEY made out of wire. They were having fun.





Still have something to complain about? Why not share in the comment section. Maybe we could all cry together.


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6 responses to “How Thankful Are You?

  1. Have Zimbabwe on my prayer list next to your name. Amazing what we take for granted. Thanks for this.

  2. We do have problems with contentment in our North American culture. There is a lot around us that tempts our senses. We also have a big debt problem in North America. People are buying ‘toys’ that they do not have the extra money to buy. From what I recall reading, each person’s debt in Canada is about $25,000. The average price of home ownership in Canada is $450,000. The city of Vancouver is off the charts with a ‘shack’ selling for over a $1,000,000. Low cost borrowing has allowed people to continue their excessive lifestyles.
    We’ve lost over a hundred thousand high paying oil patch jobs in Western Canada since the oil collapse a couple of years ago. They say that a third of the high-rise office space in downtown Calgary is empty because of oil companies closing down or downsizing. Multi-million dollar homes are selling well below their asking price in Calgary because there are not enough wealthy buyers to purchase them. I heard that we in Alberta will feel the full effect of the collapse of oil prices by late 2017.

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