In Honor of the Tim Kaine’s Statement Regarding Roe v. Wade

Tonight I laboriously watched the entire debate between VP hopefuls, Tim Kaine (D) and Mike Pence (R). I was so glad when it was over.

A friend on Facebook tagged me in a post and asked me what I learned from the debate, so I responded with:

“Nothing much, other than one candidate admitted he had a personal relationship with Christ, while the other obeys his church, sorta. Oh, and that Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with anything while she was in charge, but when she stays in Washington she’ll not do what she’s already been not doing, or something like that.”

As expected, both men tried to land well-rehearsed blows against the other’s boss, the majority of which were launched in rapid-fire repeat mode from the Democrat. As usual, the Republican tried to keep it nice, which never, ever pays off in the end.

But my most memorable moment came near to the end when Tim Kaine tried to respond to the truth that the Democrat party, including Clinton and himself, support the continued practice of partial birth abortion. Shortly after he started to pontificate over women’s rights, not the rights of the unborn, he said…

“We have some young people in the audience who weren’t even born when Roe [versus Wade] was decided, and this is pretty important.” Vice Presidential candidate, Sen. Tim Kaine (D)

I couldn’t help but laugh… with a laugh only a righteous indignation could produce. Then I shouted out:

“And there are millions more who were NEVER born because Roe was decided!”

I figured that was important, too.

So, in honor of Sen. Tim Kaine’s eloquent attempt to educate the young people who were so fortunate to have survived their mother’s womb, I offer the following… Just listen.

The Sound of BB’s



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4 responses to “In Honor of the Tim Kaine’s Statement Regarding Roe v. Wade

  1. God, help us. God, forgive us.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for watching so I didn’t have to! Tim Kaine, our former governor and current senator, has always given me a pain with his mild but duplicitous manner. UGH!

  3. Since 1973, the total number of abortions that have been performed in the US is estimated at 54 million. According to state data, 1.02 million infants were killed by abortion in 2012. In 2014, the number “dropped” to 954,000. We are told to feel good about the decrease. We are told that Pro Choice is working. Personally, I feel like I live next to Auschwitz. Like Matthew Malin’s comment above, I ask God to forgive us and to help us stop the killing. Thank you for posting.

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