Think of the following quote as you prepare for Sunday – if you prepare for Sunday…

“Worship on Sunday that does not lead to worship on Monday is not real worship; it’s religious activity.” – Chuck Lawless

Please, oh please, make it a point to attend corporate worship with other believers this Sunday! And when you do, determine not to be distracted by people, things, or anything else – worship God, not man. Don’t make going to church an “activity” you do, make it a relationship you renew.

Remember, it’s not about you; it’s about HIM.


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10 responses to “Worship

  1. Wow. Trying to peel back the religious to see how spiritual we are can be painful, like the debriding of a wound. It’s all ALL about relationship with Him, the starting place and the finish line and everything inbetween. Still learning.

  2. Whoa! I’m getting ganged up on! I need to call in the reinforcements…where’s Julie and Oneta??! God bless you guys! So very glad I’ve found you both!

  3. The Isaiah 53:5 Project

    This is a great quote Anthony. I have recently started playing Christian music on the way to work. Not just playing but singing along and praising The Lord as I drive.

    Not the same as standing in a church but it is worship and it gets my day off to a great start.

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