In Response To Our Glorious Leader

It Is Written

By now most of you have already watched or listened to President Obama’s tearful speech announcing his new executive mandates regarding guns and background checks.

Since he specifically mentioned the “gun lobby” and “the lies” they supposedly tell, I thought it fair to post this video, not just on Facebook and other social media, but on my blog as well.

On Paper?

In his speech Mr. Obama said that he understood we have certain rights because they are written down “on paper.” Interesting, especially coming from a self-acclaimed Constitutional professor, don’t you think?

Our rights are not written on “paper,” but on parchment – and it’s called the Constitution of the United States.

I feel sorry for those who took his classes; they probably didn’t learn much.



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3 responses to “In Response To Our Glorious Leader

  1. Paper, parchment. That’s your concern?

  2. It is interesting though that he never does call things what they really are!! Well, at least I can still pray that our Redeemer will extend His grace and mercy his way — miracles still happen (and at the sake of sounding trite, it would be a miracle if his heart changed!).

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