11 Characteristics of the Self-Righteous

Self-righteousness and legalism go hand-in-hand. That is why I am happy to be able to reblog this post by Pastor Casey Lewis at ChristianityMatters.com.

Christianity Matters

Self-righteousness is rampant in our churches. Pews are packed every week with Pharisees, who think they are doing everything right. Scripture, however, paints a woefully different picture. Far from thinking we have arrived, or that we are superior to others, we should see ourselves as needing and depending on the righteousness of Christ.

Instead of raising our spiritual noses at those struggling with sin, we should humbly bow before the Savior knowing we too are sinners saved by God’s grace. So instead of thinking of ourselves as self-righteous, we should thank and praise God for sending His Son to die for our transgressions.

Even though we should humble ourselves before our Savior, we often don’t. Instead, we continue to act as if we have made ourselves righteous through our own efforts, not Christ’s. We often do that – act self-righteous – without even knowing it. So in an effort to create awareness here are…

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5 responses to “11 Characteristics of the Self-Righteous

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my “place of residence” and to let you know that I look at all these encounters as a gift from the Holy Spirit! When I started blogging I asked the Lord to lead ME to those He would have me follow for encouragement, edification and instruction. I never imagined He would do it by having them stop by MY blog! But, oh how wise and greatly our Lord operates!!!
    I’m going to read some more as I love what you have written so far and I am going to add your site to my Blogs followed page. I not only use the list to follow Spirit-led sites but I use the list to intercede for those that use their sites in a ministry/service way for the Lord and for those that the Lord leads through those sites! I do a lot of reading and I do have favorites which sometimes I spend more time on, but I always try to get back and I believe in encouraging one another as well as praying for those individuals!!!
    So, God bless you my Brother and may your blessings be abundant and rich as you continue to minister/serve the Lord and all those that are searching!!!!

  2. Two of my favorite bloggers have met! Yay!

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