While My Phone Charges



Here’s an Amazon.com link if you want one 😉

There is an app on my iPhone4s that I use to record all my sermons, including the 15-minute ones I record and then email to the radio station. However, if my phone is not charged, I have no way of recording, because the digital microphone (Blue Mikey) plugs into the port where the charger goes (I’m ready for an upgrade, though).

So, while I am waiting a few more minutes for my iPhone to charge so I can record a sermon for radio (I nearly let it die because I left it at church last night), I am going to give you all a little update.

Not Pitiful

Here’s the thing: I’m OK!

Am I having to deal with some serious issues, the details of which I can’t make public? Yes. Am I in need of a serious all-inclusive vacation? Absolutely (I’ll take donations)! Did my last post give some the impression that I am a pitiful mess, moping about the house, driving aimlessly down the road, incessantly dobbing my watery eyes with tissues from a pink, doily-covered box? Evidently!

In case you were wondering, the reason I wrote “My Confession” was because I was just trying to be honest about life. There ARE days when the burdens we must bear and the walk we must walk are impossible to endure without the strength available to us through Jesus Christ.

I’m a Warrior

Even though I may shed a tear, that just means I’m still human and have a heart; I’m not an animal or a machine. But once my tears are dried, once I’ve used my pass into town to blow off some steam, I am going to be right back on the front lines, giving the enemy heaven.

I will fight the good fight of faith and lay hold on eternal life, holding true to the profession I have made (1 Tim. 6:12). I will put on the whole armor of God and stand in the face of every onslaught from the evil one (Eph. 6:13), not giving an inch of ground. I am a warrior in the Army of the Living God, so I will endure this present hardness and eschew the petty things of this life; that I “may please Him who hath chosen me to be a soldier” (2 Tim. 2:3-4).

My phone is charged, so a charging I will go.


(UPDATE: If you are curious and would like to hear how the sermon I just recorded turned out, then I’d be happy to email you a copy 🙂 )

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