Don’t Wait for the Trumpet

There’s been a lot of debate in recent years over something called the “rapture.” Even good friends within the Church have slung a lot of harsh words as a result of arguments over dispensationalism. Frankly, I think much of the debate over end times (eschatology) has become a distraction from what’s most important: we all could meet our maker at any moment.

So, even though it’s ok to discuss what may or may not happen in the near or distant future, let us not forget that souls are being escorted into eternity every second.

As I sit here in the waiting room of a hospital, sitting with family from our church, not knowing what the next few hours will hold, my advice is simple… Don’t worry about the sound of a trumpet until you’re prepared for the unexpected horn of the truck that could run over you today.


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3 responses to “Don’t Wait for the Trumpet

  1. Exactly! Live like today is your last and make every day count!

  2. Thats soooo much truth. All the time we spend debating that could be used on the lost. Amen for sure.

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