Saturday Night Prayer

Lord Jesus,

Thank you so much for your mercy and grace! Thank you for loving me, despite everything about me that I’d despise, if I were you. But I’m not You, and I’m glad.

Lord, I’ve been reading and studying Your Word, and I believe I know what it is you’d have me to say to us tomorrow. But even though I think I know, only You know for sure what we need. Please use me as Your mouthpiece to say what’s on Your heart.

I know I’m human. I confess that there will come a point tomorrow when I’ll want to insert my own two cents. If I do, please make sure Your image is on the coins; my currency is worthless.

Lord, don’t let me waste any one’s time in the morning, please. Preach through me in spite of myself. We want to hear You, not me. These are good people who could be going other places, doing other things, or resting in; don’t let me be the reason for them wishing they were some place else.

I want to feel Your presence. I want to be bold, fearless. I need your Spirit to strengthen me, to give my words authority, to break the bread and multiply it, meeting needs I could never supply. Fill me. Possess me. Empower me. Erase me; let them see Jesus.

I’m a sinner, Lord. I’m ashamed of my shortcomings. You deserve more than I’ve given; I’ve held back my all. Help me not to love my self so much, oh God. Help me to love you, to thirst for you, to be enraptured by YOU! If my love for You is lacking, so will be my preaching. Forgive me of my adulterous heart that is prone to wander from Your embrace. I’m ashamed! But You forgive! I’m unworthy!!

Oh that your pulpit will be a lighthouse! May the Light be bright! Guide our folks away from what endangers them! Only You know what they are facing next week.

A lion is seeking whom he may devour, Lord. I hate that scoundrel! He will have his crowd doing their best to hurt, hinder, distract, and all that stuff. Mess him up, Lord! Screw up whatever plans he may have for tomorrow! Keep the fights from getting started. Protect our folk on the road. Protect hearts and minds from temptations that could rob their joy. Despite the devil’s best efforts, help the ones who want to come to church get here, joy and all intact, ready to worship You!

Lord, I’m going to go to bed, now. May I dream holy dreams, encouraging dreams, dreams that remind me of Your power and majesty. May I wake up already pumped, full of expectation, ready to raise my Sword for battle.

Thank You again, Lord, for this opportunity. I don’t know why You chose me, but I want to make You proud. If I don’t get a single response from a single pew, when the time comes for me to step down, may I hear your Spirit whisper “well done.” Be glorified, Father, in spite of me. And when it’s all said and done, because of You, may the congregation honestly say, “I’m glad we came unto the house of the Lord!”

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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One response to “Saturday Night Prayer

  1. Awesome. I pray God answers all those prayers later today as you preach His Word. And I hope the man preaching to us has prayed something similar. God Bless you Bro Anthony.

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