Revival? What Is It?

Sore Throat

This morning my throat is on fire. Well, it may not be that bad, but it feels rather raw and painful. The reason for the pain is what I did yesterday – preach.

I don’t normally get behind the pulpit and become another Billy Sunday; I’m not that athletic. However, I do believe it’s a shame for a preacher to deliver the good news of God’s love and mercy, the message of the life-changing Gospel, in a dull, mono-tone voice. When one is truly excited about sharing something important, his mannerisms should reflect it. So, I do get excited when I preach, but not quite to the extent of what Abraham Lincoln preferred: a preacher who looked like he was swatting at a swarm of bees! I’m calmer than that, but I do flap around a little.

Anyway, I have had a cold for the last few days. The preaching I did yesterday has left my throat in need of recovery. But it was worth it.

The Message

Yesterday I preached a sermon dealing with what is needed before we have revival. But here is my question to you, dear reader: what is “revival”?

If you would like to take the time, there are various sources from which you can learn of the great revivals of the past. Some were call “awakenings.” But one of the general themes of revival is that the people of God, the Church, becomes revived, awakened, having their intimacy with and their vision of God renewed. This is what I want for myself, my congregation, my town, state, and country.

So, what is revival, and what do you think is necessary for it to take place? I am interested in your thoughts. Let’s discuss it.

If you’d like to listen to the actual service I preached, click on the link below.

“What We Need Before Revival”


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4 responses to “Revival? What Is It?

  1. Thank you for the topic Anthony, I will certainly listen to your sermon. I’m always on the look out for some revival preaching. I have also looked into the revivals throughout history. Some common things we see is a individual or group dedicated to prayer for revival that are in it for the long haul years if necessary. A prophet a man of God willing to tell it like it is holding nothing back. Public confessions from people willing to admit they have sinned and have a desire to not only make things right but rededicate themselves to doing better. Singing yes singing something tells me it has more to do with the condition of the heart of those singing than any particular song. Prayer and not just our daily prayers intercessory prayers the kind that leaves people exhausted. Weeping and a brokenness of the believers. So much can be said here I’m not sure of how to sum it up. We certainly can see the need for revival.

    I would like to address a common misconception I see among many Christians today. They live in the past I know this in part because I was one for a period of time, We look to the courts and the voting booth to try and correct the many things that we see need fixing. I’m tired of hearing this nation was founded on Christian principles and I don’t care what the constitution reads (not for this subject). This generation is our responsibility I care what people believe now. Of what strongholds that need tore down. Who cares what politician said what they don’t keep their word so it has become meaningless to me. “The fate of the nation does not depend on the White-House it depends on God ‘s house.” Revival does not start in the political realm it starts in the spiritual realm. In short we need to stop looking into politics to fix things and look to our God. Our God is “mighty to save” and is more powerful than anything or anyone. We need to look to Him to get us out of the mess we have got ourselves into.

    I’m not talking about the many ailments facing the nation I’m talking about the condition of the Church the common believer. Ourselves, me first and foremost. Why don’t we realize this society is a reflection of us? I could get up and say I have a need for missions I want to share. Many would be saying to themselves let me here the need and I will decide if I will support. But what if I say I don’t need financial support. I need you, your mouth, you hands, and your feet? Christians are really good at supporting the many missionaries we send out but I believe we have forgotten of our own back yards. if we don’t wake up to the great need for missions in our own country foreign missions will fail. Judgment is here and will intensify I don’t think the coming judgment can be avoided it’s much to late for that but it can be delayed.

    I can’t help but wonder if the it would be a good thing if they started throwing Christians in jail. If persecution became a reality for us. I believe a overlooked prayer is the need to pray for the persecuted Church they are our brothers and sisters. If it hit closer to home we might get a clearer picture of the great need. It certainly changed my prayer life and I believe because I’m praying for something the living God of heaven desires me to pray for to be broken over. If your foot was caught in a hole what exactly would you do? Do everything you can to free it because your not going to do anything until it is free. How is that any different that our brothers and sisters that are in jail or kidnapped?

    We don’t see the things God sees we forget God does not. We need to get a vantage point like Ezekiel had (Ezekiel 8:3). How much of the news (any news) do I have to read before you will begin to weep before you are so moved you cry out to God for a miracle. We need a miracle a real miracle. Just last week we here of two different tragedies. One a grandfather the other a father both killing family members mothers and children why are we not moved to fast and pray over this begging God to let it be the last time we hereof such a thing? How many are aware of the child prostitution going on and the human trafficking right here in our own country. This is not some kind of isolated incident either this is a very sophisticated ring of people. I learned about a case where they snatched two girls right out of a middle-school. I think if a man like William Both were around he would charge head first right at these things.

    We just don’t see the things God sees. Look at all the war going on in Syria. Many of us give opinions on what needs to be done bomb this side or bomb that side or just stay out of it. Yet do we ever consult God of what He says should be done? Do we give any thought at all of the brokenness of it all? Of the many orphans it has left in it’s path. Of all the ones that died and knew not the Christ.

    I have so much more to say but this will get very long and I would like to add to it some other time. Things have been on my heart and I have pondered of how to say I believe needs saying. This seems to be it. One last story.

    “In Zimbabwean the communist took over and the communist leader’s first announcement was that the state would be a Atheist state. The Christians had been praying and praying and God moved and still to this day you can preach Jesus in the schools there. I ask what is our excuse here for letting the public schools system become what it has? I don’t want to hear excuses let us confess let us pray.” (So you want to be a Vessel? Michael Howard 8:38 of your time)

    I’m convinced if we would see like God sees things our Churches would fill up with weeping people.

    In search of the broken Christian.

    Isa 34:1 Draw near, O nations, to hear; and listen, O peoples! Let the earth and all it contains hear, and the world and all that springs from it.

  2. I enjoyed your sermon Anthony I would have to say you are on the right track. It was really something to hear your voice after reading the things you have written. I could here the passion in your voice. I long for the day when i here something like that and the people cry out don’t stop keep preaching. I long for the day when people will respond to such words as yours and will stay in the building all day praying and weeping singing glorious hymns to our King. The day when we rise from our knees able to sing like we have never sung before.

    Please pray for me finding a Church has taken it’s toll on me I miss it so much and feel like a hole is being drilled into my heart. I miss singing. I miss the tears the joy. I’m so tired of endless debates about what Bible we should read. Calvinism and so on. I’m wanting something more. I hurt I weep we need a miracle we need “God to step down”

    I know doctrine is important but please someone show me what do we have to show for all our perfect doctrine today? Look at Samuel Morris he knew no doctrine but look how he was used. A simple childlike faith was more than blessed. I look at his life and desire something more from mine. Why are we so afraid to cross denominational lines when it is obvious some men have a anointing? (The Spirit of a prophet Leonard Ravenhill) It sure would be something to belong to a Church that would not fear playing that some Sunday afternoon after the regular Church service. We are a body yet function like individuals and I know the difference between union and unity.

    I pray for what ever it takes for the Church to become a loud voice for the cause of Christ once again. I know what that might mean. I fell off a 3 story building actually a little higher than that. I took a elevator to the third floor walked up two flights of stairs opened a door and stepped onto the roof and proceeded that day to step off the roof. I broke 4 ribs in two places front and back. Impact was in the back and they snapped in the front. I broke my knee and my shoulder blade was broke in 5 or more places. Plus one more rib 5 or ten in all depending how you want to count them. (A flared chest) I was in ICU twice once when I arrived at the hospital and another time after rib surgery. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I had forgotten about my Savior He had not forgotten about me. He simply won’t let me go. All praise belongs to Him. I have fallen and fallen and fallen again and He wont let me go.

    “God does not send the fire on the altar God sends the fire on the sacrifice”

    Thanks again for the preaching and sharing it obviously I needed to here it my eyes are not dry and it’s a good thing.

    Joe_2:17 Let the priests, the LORD’S ministers, Weep between the porch and the altar, And let them say, “Spare Your people, O LORD, And do not make Your inheritance a reproach, A byword among the nations. Why should they among the peoples say, ‘Where is their God?'”

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