Meriam Ibrahim, and Others

What’s Important?

Last night I had a nightmare which woke me from my sleep. Later, while I was awake – after I went ahead and took the dog out for an early potty walk – some blog post ideas came to mind. Then, because I didn’t write them down, I forgot what they were. Typical.

But what is more important, writing about some inconsequential idea, a loosely relevant theological concern, how coffee relates to living, or the life/death struggle of a Sudanese Christian mother?

Seriously, we writers get on our soap boxes and clutter up the internet with petty complaints about cat pictures and the latest trash (I’m sorry, “art”) from Hollywood, but how often do we rally together for the lives of the innocent?

Really, what is more important?

Sadistic Sudan

Let me just be as plain as I can: any government who would execute a young mother because she is Christian is satanic, sadistic, and worth of no respect. Let me also say that any government leader who has in his power the ability to stop the execution, either by way of threat or diplomacy, and does not, is equally satanically influence – if not simply an accomplice to murder. Bold enough?

The government of Sudan, after releasing Meriam Ibrahim from prison, arrested her again, today. At one point she was going to receive 100 lashes for having sex with her Christian husband, then be hung for apostatizing from Islam (even though she was never a Muslim). After enough people rose up in her defense, she was let go. However, they have once again arrested her, but for uncertain reasons.

What’s more, Meriam is married to an American, which makes her newborn son an American. Excuse me, but do we have a president, or not?

President Me

I am going to go out on a limb here. Many of you who read this are not from America, so please forgive me – I don’t want to offend. However, if I were the president of the United States of America, one of my first and foremost duties would be to make our enemies, including nations that imprison our citizens, fear what we might do.

For example, Mexico has one of our soldiers in prison, all because he accidentally crossed the border with three weapons in his vehicle. Even though he voluntarily turned himself over to border guards, Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi admitting he had misread road signs, instead of turning him around, they put him in prison. EXCUSE ME, but how many times do Mexican soldiers cross our border?! How man illegals cross our border every day and are allowed to stay? If I were president, I’d say, “Let our boy come home, or the next group of your guys to “get lost” crossing our border as they are protecting drug smugglers will meet with an untimely disappearance.

Iran is holding an American pastor. Despite cries of protest from around the world, they continue to hold Saeed Abedini and torture him. If it were me, I’d say, “Let him go, or else – and you don’t want to find out what the “else” is.”

Gone are the days when a threat of retaliation from America was taken seriously. What would Harry S. Truman have done when Muslim terrorist were capturing our soldiers and contractors, holding them hostage, then cutting off their heads in Iraq? Anyone remember what Japan looked like in 1945?

You see, it’s like this – we still have the power, but no moral authority or guts in those with authority. If it were needed, today there would be no Normandy, Iwo Jima, or even Gettysburg; our leaders, even many of our citizens, aren’t willing to take a stand.

I’m Angry

I am simply angry. I am furious. I am indignant. We have politicians who are cowards and a president who won’t do anything if the action may offend a radical, sharia-based government.

We have citizens who are genuinely suffering, possibly about to die because of their faith, and yet we release known killers in exchange for traitors.

A young mother and her family is fearing for her life, but our President won’t do anything about it – yet he goes to a summit complaining about a “war on women” in the United States. A young Christian pastor rots in an Iranian prison, but our President is considering working with Iran to fight ISIS. A young soldier languishes in a Mexican prison, but we continue to allow multiple thousands to cross our borders unchecked.

I’m ticked off, and I have every reason to be. We are no longer a sleeping giant our enemies don’t want to awake, but a weakened fat man with no locks on his doors.


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5 responses to “Meriam Ibrahim, and Others

  1. Andrew

    So wait…I wanna make sure I have this straight. Obama is satanic because he won’t risk an international incident to “rescue” a guy in Iran who was conducting illegal activity in Iran (and knew it) and shouldn’t have been there in the first place (he knew that too).

    Okay. Got it.

    • I said, “…any government leader who has in his power the ability to stop the execution, either by way of threat or diplomacy, and does not, is equally satanically influence[d] – if not simply an accomplice to murder.” I stand by that.

      I did not say Obama was satanic because he “won’t risk an international incident to ‘rescue’ a guy in Iran…” I said that “any government leader” who has the ability to do something, whether by diplomacy or threat (which could be as simple as reduction in aid), but does nothing, is equally as evil.

      Now, when you throw in the argument that the “guy in Iran” was not worth an international incident because what he was doing was illegal, then I’m sure you must be indignant over the trade for Bowe Bergdahl (assuming, of course, he is everything his whole unit says he is).

      Of course, you can deny the spiritual all you want. That’s your choice. However, I believe there are more bones of sympathy in Obama for the concerns of other nations, especially those who despise America, than for the very nation he swore an oath to defend. It’s my opinion, of course.

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