What Kind of Church?

Like I have said before, I don’t usually reblog posts, but exceptions happen.

The following is a great post from David Welford. David, as you know, is one of the contributors to ProverbialThought.com and the new Proverbial Thought book (available in print and Kindle in a few weeks).

What WOULD Jesus say about my church, and yours?

Ebs and Flows...

l factor I’m struggling with church at the moment. Not the church I belong to as such. Just church. I honestly believe that the church I am part of is a good church, despite any faults it might have, but I often wonder how God views my church. If, for instance, the book of Revelation was being written now and there was a letter in it to my church – what would it say?

My church of 250 members is located in the heart of a small city in a very rural English county, not far from the Welsh border. There are many other churches in and around our city, and a beautiful old cathedral. But if God were to write a top ten list of churches in the county (from His perspective) – would my church be on it? Or would it be on another list?

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