Nye / Ham Debate

Having been around the block a few times, I am certainly aware that any time a blogger says anything negative, or even questions the theory of evolution in any form, there is going to be a hateful backlash from atheists and agnostics. I certainly expect a few to say something after I post this commercial for the upcoming debate between Bill Nye (The Science Guy) and Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis).

The Debate


Click here to listen to audio.

I will be attending a live streaming of the debate at Bayside Baptist Church in Chattanooga. If you get to attend, come say “Hi!” However, find somewhere to watch this, even if it’s on your home computer.

Please be pray for Ken and Bill. Pray for those in the audience, along with those who will be watching elsewhere. Pray that eyes will be opened, hearts will be softened, and ears will be tuned in to the Truth.

Have a blessed Tuesday, everybody!


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2 responses to “Nye / Ham Debate

  1. I will be in class, but I pre-ordered the DVD/download. My wife will stream it, and our youth group is getting together to watch it.

  2. Chris Jordan

    Thanks for sharing this… I’m hoping that it will motivate and encourage people to dig deeper into the issue, and discover all of the scientific evidences that support the Biblical account of creation that are out there, and available from great websites like Answers in Genesis Dot Org. Amen!

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