Community Christmas Chorus

A New Thing

Every once in a blue-moon-while I try something new, something out of my comfort zone. So, when I was asked if I’d like to sing with a barber shop-style men’s chorus, I had apprehensions. I mean, was it time to do something new? Did I need to wait until the next blue moon?


Practicing on the risers. Can you pick me out on the right? (Photo Credit: Steve Wixson)

You see, our new choir director, Chuck Wilson, sings with the venerable Choo Choo Chorus. He had been inviting me to come join a community chorus for Christmas, but I didn’t know if I would really be up to it, or if I would like it. I was wrong on both accounts.

Singing acapella with a bunch of other talented men has given me the opportunity to ride on their coattails. The opportunity to sit under the instruction of such an experienced music director, Paul Blazeck, makes me smile as much as I sing. But hearing 4-part harmony sung by 80 men gives me goose bumps.

CaptureI would encourage you, if you are in the area, to come hear the Chattanooga Community Christmas Chorus and the Choo Choo Chorus during the month of December. My little girl, Haley, not knowing what to expect, came with me to practice and left saying, “That was awesome!” You’ll say the same thing, too.

(BTW, Jason Sneed, one of our writers at Proverbial is in the picture on the left. He’s singing tenor.)

A Future Thing

But even though the guys in the chorus may sound “awesome,” I can hardly wait to hear how another choir will sound – the Heavenly choir.

Every time our men’s chorus sings “Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel,” I get chills. But we are just men, flawed in every way imaginable. What will it be like, I wonder, to hear voices innumerable in perfect, flawless harmony singing praise to God in His presence?

Mr. Blazek is always having to work with us amateurs in order to get a half-way decent sound. What will it be like when millions of the redeemed let loose with vocal chords untouched by sin, but empowered with joy unspeakable and full of glory?

Hallelujah! I’m getting chills and tearing up just thinking about it!


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4 responses to “Community Christmas Chorus

  1. My uncle is a member of a barbershop choir. My dad and I have joined them for a couple of Christmas things, like going to some businesses caroling (I had a lead for “Winter Wonderland”!) and a Christmas concert (my dad even went with them to a regional competition one year). It is great fun, and I would not mind doing it again.
    Sometimes, when worshiping at church, I think I hear that heavenly choir, and, like you, I cannot wait to hear it with perfect ears as I join in!

  2. Made me tear up just reading about it! I used to sing in a Christmas chorus, we sang Handel’s Messiah every year.
    Wish I were in your area to hear you guys. I know it will be beautiful.

  3. Patricia Brandt

    Tears in my eyes also! My husband is participating in this and I can’t wait to hear all of you in concert!!!

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