School Bus Thoughts

There are days when driving a school bus can drive me crazy.

One day I asked a little boy, “Are you wearing socks?” “Yes,” he answered. “Then will you take one of them off and stuff it in your mouth?!

On other days I have fun just aggravating the little crumb crunchers. For example, I keep telling two little girls that their neighbors are aliens (like from another planet, not Mexico). They say, “Nuh uh!” I say, “Uh huh!

Last week I told kids to ask me what my favorite letter of the alphabet was:

Little Girl: “What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?”

Me: “Y”

Little Girl: “I don’t know, you told me to ask. What is it?”

Me: “Y!”

Little Girl: “You told me to ask you, so I’m asking you what your favorite letter is!”

Me: “Y!!”

Little Girl:Uuuuggghhh! What is it?”

Then there are other days…

Elementary kids will tell their parents “good-bye” before they board the bus, then they will do it again once they find a seat. Almost without fail my first and second-graders will take ten seconds to hug and say “good-bye” at the stop, but then rush to lower the windows in order wave as they scream out as we pull away, “Bye! Bye, Momma! Bye!

Later in the day, when I take these same children home, they talk and play with each other (sometimes too much) until they get close to their stop. They’re usually not thinking too much about getting off the bus, but the moment they feel the bus slow down they gather their things and move to the door. As soon as the door opens they see their mom, dad, or granny…then scream…then run to their side…then embrace … like it’s been forever.

I’ve noticed that no matter when death comes, it always comes as a shock…a surprise. Even when we expect a loved one to pass away from a long-term illness, the moment of death is like that moment on the bus when a child leaves: the time for departure has been expected, but that last “good-bye” is never enough.

But hallelujah! Praise God for homecomings!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking out the window. Yes, I’m enjoying the time I have with my friends and family down here, but home is just around the bend. Any moment the bus will be slowing down.

photo (41)Are you looking for that door to open? Are your things in order? Can you sense the ride is coming to an end? Believe me, once it stops I’ll be jumping off and running to the House.

I’ll see my earthly dad…I’ll see my Jesus…I’ll scream…I’ll run…then embrace…

Just a thought…from a school bus.



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14 responses to “School Bus Thoughts

  1. Good thoughts … unfortunately a lot of us look at these events and instead of being warmed by the anticipation of that time, we don theologian hats and argue about the characteristics of the bus …….

  2. Reblogged this on a simple man of God and commented:

    Anthony has some fun stories, but the main point will rock your world if you pay attention.
    Are you ready for Home?

  3. hadassaab

    ya it is really creasy……….☺

  4. Get me off of this bus, I wanna go home!!

  5. Somehow my follow got lost but I am fixing it missed your humor and love. God Bless!

  6. I think of that day often, and yes, many days I am acutely aware that it is just around the bend. I thought I was the only one who thinks like that (other than really old people, perhaps). Something in me leaps every time I remember that this is not my home. Thank you for the reminder today!

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