Music Coming


Last weekend was spent sitting in front of microphones.

My daughters and I, along with Daniel Ziegenmier, were in a small recording studio creating what I believe will be a surprise hit – Katie’s debut CD. Would you like to hear about it?

Goat Farmer Records

goat farmer recordsBelieve it or not, Katie (my daughter) was picked up by Daniel’s brother, Joel, at Goat Farmer Records in Nashville, TN. I know what you’re asking – “Goat Farmer Records?” Yes, Goat Farmer Records. We are the label’s first Christian artists!

Being that GFR is not Sony, Capital, or Sparrow Records, the recording budget is limited. We were not flown to Nashville, nor did we receive big bonuses and specially prepared food during sessions. No limo picked us up at the hotel, either. But, what we did receive was a warm welcome, a laid-back atmosphere, and the opportunity to have fun. If nothing else, this poor preacher isn’t having to fork out $10K for studio time. Can I get an “amen!”?


Everybody loves pictures, so here are a few images from our sessions.


Mr. Monkey goes everywhere.


Daniel on the cajon, Haley on the Uke, Katie on guitar, Joel setting up, and me on bass (out of view).


It’s hard to explain.


Katie likes the Neuman u87 (microphone).


Steve Castlen on drums.

Unlike many other groups, we get to play our own instruments! No hired studio musicians to replace us – no sir! But of course, that means recording music takes longer and requires a lot of work. Amazingly, one can get tired while having fun.


I have a couple of requests. First of all, would you please pray for this project? Nearly all of the songs we are recording were written by Katie, and they are meant to bring honor and glory to the Lord. We would love to see God get the glory for taking a simple project and turning it into a miracle.

Secondly, I would ask that you consider purchasing and downloading at least one song when everything is done. Believe me, every song on this project will be worth having, so I hope that you will recommend it to others.

I will keep all of you updated as we get closer to a release date. Until then, stay tuned!

Bonus Picture


Mirror Image (1993)


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6 responses to “Music Coming

  1. I love family projects! My family has been singing together since I was a little girl. As missionaries, we sang at the churches we visited on deputation. God bless this project and your family! I look forward to hearing it when it is all completed.

  2. Very exciting! I look forward to hearing more! And we will be praying for this whole project! What an awesome opportunity for your daughter! Way to go, Dad, for supporting this venture.

    Is this the same daughter who sat on the bridge and sang?? That was the very first post I ever read of yours. I thought to myself at the time….that sounds like something my husband/pastor would do for our daughter…let’s keep following this story and hear where it goes….and here we are! Very exciting! 🙂 Way to go, Katie!

  3. First of all, I don’t believe I’ve ever discussed my love for goats. I LOVE goats. Even though they’re naughty, and get out of the pen, and then eat all your mother’s flowers so when you pull in from church Mom hops out of the car and starts screaming at the goats like a possessed woman, but they ignore her and continue eating all the flowers.

    Sorry. 1985 flashback there. Moving along…

    The inclusion of the word “goat” in the company’s name is a good sign. And I want to hear more about Katie and her singing when it’s time–we’ll post away about it. Way to go, Katie!

  4. Chris Jordan

    Amen! 🙂
    Looking forward to taking a listen to this… I will definitely check it out!

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