Guest Gospels

Guest Bloggers

While I was away for a couple of weeks finishing my seminary work, several guest bloggers covered for me. And let me tell you, I sure do appreciate what they did.

I have only been a guest contributor a couple of times, but each time there were multiple thoughts racing through my head. “What do I write?” “Will the regular readers unsubscribe?” “Will I be sued for character defamation?” “How much of my post will be edited?” “Will mean people come looking for me?”

Blogger’s Block

Have you ever had “blogger’s block?” Why is it so hard to come up with something to write? It’s probably because we are supposed to stick with the theme of the blog we’re writing for, not go crazy with our own agendas.

For example, if a cat lover invites you to be a guest writer, don’t go on about your love affair with dogs (literally or figuratively). If you’re invited to submit a guest post on the blog of a home-schooling mom, don’t promote the virtues of government-controlled day care and socialistic public education.

In other words, do your best to mirror the overall message of the blog you’re writing for, or you’ll surely get edited, if not deleted.

Guest Gospels

Have you ever heard it said, “You are the only gospel many people will read?” It means others are always watching how Christians act…always listening to what they say. Our lives, then, are either a testimony to the life-changing presence of the Spirit within us, or a bad post written in the name of Jesus.

Therefore, being a Christian is a little like being a guest blogger, isn’t it? We are sorta like “guest gospels.

When a guest blogger writes a post, he or she essentially does so in the name of the host. So, the question is this: do our lives mirror the theme of the Grand Blog? Is our Host pleased with what we post each day?

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16



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4 responses to “Guest Gospels

  1. You’ve hit the struggle right on the head! What do I say? And is it beneficial to ANYONE? And am I glorifying the risen Savior when I say it?!?!

    Welcome to my Deep Thoughts of Wednesday.

  2. I agree completely! I always try and focus on this exact thing….writing and speaking what He would want said! Thanks for the reminder! Welcome back!

  3. I think having a blog really holds us accountable. If some of my co-workers happen to know I have a faith-based blog and happen to read it, would they see a discrepancy that between what I write on “Ministry in Words” and my day-to-day behavior?

    Thanks for the link ~ I really like your blog

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